Living Room Una

Large living room with contemporary lines, on which soft brown tones stand out.


With a unique team, provided with the best machinery, you can customize or create any type of product. Lose yourself in the choice of materials, colors and patterns.


Inspire yourself in the environments created by our interior design team and customize them as you wish. Find the dream bedroom, a relaxing living room, or the dining room ideal for dinners with family and friends.

The Portuguese heritage permeates throughout all the elements of Laskasas’ pieces. From the careful upholstery work to the surgical metalwork, having our own production allows us to uphold Portugal’s reputation for high standards in handmade production.

It’s not the first time Laskasas visits Valencia to showcase a new world of timeless design and unique trends. In fact, not only in Valencia but also Zaragoza and Barcelona also had the pleasure to see first-hand Laskasas’ DNA. Now, it’s your time to get a glimpse of what Laskasas is all about at Feria Habitat Valencia!

Being the smell the sense that most easily evokes memories, with the new exclusive fragrance Laskasas your house has the ideal essence that forever will associate to happy moments.