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Digital Fair Maison&Objet – 9 Portuguese brands you must know

Digital Fair Maison&Objet – 9 Portuguese brands you must know

9 most famous Portuguese design brands, presented at Digital Fair Maison&Objet 2020, that definitely deserve your attention.

Unable to maintain its usual format following the Covid-19 pandemic, Maison & Objet is cancelling its September 2020 edition and instead offers a digital edition, a Digital Fair, to be discovered online from September 4 to 18, 2020.

The stands will thus be replaced by Digital Showrooms visible on the MOM platform. These virtual showrooms will be built in the spirit of the same staging of the trade fair stands. They will connect 400,000 international buyers and more than 6,000 references, including more than 300 Portuguese design brands, please take a look at some of them, that we chose for you.


FLAM ET LUCE produce a unique collection of lamps and accessories for all styles, that can be also customized, according to the project needs!


With more, than 16 years of experience, Laskasas offers tailor-made options, handmade upholstery and unmatched combinations of materials with long-lasting pieces. True furniture icons don’t create themselves. Laskasas classics are born from the clients’ distinctive choices


LABORATÓRIO D’ESTÓRIAS was born in June 2013: an experimental place for design that aims to draw on the stories of Portuguese popular culture to reinvent traditional objects, using them to tell new stories and (why not?) to recreate the history of the country. With a dynamic structure, adapted to the development of each piece, LABORATÓRIO D’ESTÓRIAS is surrounded by professionals from different areas, such as writing, illustration and craftsmanship, to add value to each piece.


Founded in 1987, PORCEL is a prestigious brand and manufacturer of fine porcelain. Located in the heart of Portugal, PORCEL combines handmade tradition and technological innovation into the making of each piece resulting in high quality, creative and elegant porcelain products.


GENCORK is a brand of cork solutions that explores the symbiosis between an ecological low-tech material and high-tech manufacturing processes. Creativity, technology, sustainability, and human emotions in seamless dialogue. The 100% natural and sustainable expanded cork agglomerate is transformed through computational algorithms based on generative design, with strong inspiration in biology, mathematic, and geometry. This creative system not only optimizes the thermal and acoustic properties of cork but also adds artistic value, providing multiple emotions and sensations.


Founded in 1946, FERREIRA DE SÁ is currently the biggest company in the production of hand-made rugs, in Europe. From pure wool, to bamboo and botanical silk, only the finest materials are used for the production of a bespoke FERREIRA DE SÁ rug. At FERREIRA DE SÁ, design and craftsmanship come together to create unique pieces. From a luxury hotel lobby, to the floor of high-end stores, or even to institutional buildings and offices all across the globe, each carpet is a new story.


CASTELBEL manufactures and sells fine toiletry soaps and other luxury fragranced products for home and body (aromatic candles, fragrance diffusers and room sprays, fragranced hand creams, shower gels and body lotions) under brand names CASTELBEL and PORTUS CALE.


Aldeco Interior Fabrics is a Portuguese Textile brand with distribution in over 60 countries and Showrooms in Paris, Madrid, Porto, Lisbon and Algarve. Their goal: to grow successfully, to be global without forgetting the identity and professionalism.


COSTA NOVA is a Portuguese brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative and sustainable tableware and accessories made of fine stoneware. All products are produced from the best natural resources in Portugal.

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