14 Ideas to Decorate Utilizing the Scandinavian Style

For minimalist lovers, we have selected 14 exclusive ideas to decorate from Scandinavian style. Since its inception during the early 20th century, Scandinavian design has embodied a sense of functionality and simplicity. Explore the beauty of minimalism. Discover our pieces inspired by this unique design philosophy and add a touch of elegance to any interior.

14 Ideas to Decorate from Scandinavian Style

Nordik Coffee Table

Nordik coffee table is the perfect piece for living rooms with a Nordik look. Both functional and vibrant, this wooden table suits any interior style. A fresh and timeless classic with a balanced aesthetic.

Nordik Side Table

Nordik side table reflects Laskasas mission to create functional, straightforward and aesthetic furniture designs. This is a sober piece with a rich streamlined look. The metal accents on its feet provide a gorgeous detail.

Bubble Mirror

Bubble mirror is a simplistic design mirror with a round shape. Perfect to adapt to any style of decoration of any room in the house, its simple and detailed structure can be made of wood or have a metallic finish.

Rio Mirror

Rio mirror evokes a Scandinavian modern style combining aesthetic and functionality. This floor mirror with soft edges features a rectangular eye-pleasing shape and a metallic slim frame. Due to its versatility, it can be also a wall mirror.

Star Coffee Table

Bring the best of Scandinavian design style with Star coffee table. This contemporary coffee table with a segmented opening in four storage spaces is the perfect storage solution for practical living rooms.

Isis Dining Table

Isis dining table is a traditional wood piece that will give to your interior a cosy nordic charm. A piece to decorate your dining room, your life and your heart. Handmade from natural wood, this extendable table is perfect for Scandinavian-style furniture lovers.

Isis Sideboard

Displaying a shimmering frame, Isis sideboard is a contemporary storage solution with a mid-century style twist. From the Isis collection, this dining room sideboard brings the true touch of what modern style is all about. Handmade in solid wood, Isis is different from anything else.

Isis TV Cabinet

Inspired by contemporary decor trends, Isis TV cabinet pushes forward the limits of furniture design. This modern cabinet is carefully handmade by Laskasas artisans and is the epitome of elegance. Isis sleek silhouette features three doors in walnut veneer and a shelf with golden details.

Bilbao Dining Table

The handsome angles of Bilbao dining table create a simple yet charming piece for any Scandinavian-inspired dining room arrangement. With a softwood countertop and a creative shape, this is a lovely rectangular table for playfulness interiors.

Bilbao Sideboard

Made from solid wood, Bilbao sideboard is a stunning storage option for contemporary living or dining rooms with a classic twist. Bilbao exquisite finishes play with different forms and dimensions, making a stand-out piece that calls wooden sideboard with four doors. With wood finishes, this contemporary design plays with different shapes and dimensions in a creative way to becomes a stand-out piece that calls for attention in any interior design project.

Reflex TV Cabinet

Reflex TV Cabinet is a discreet stylish storage solution for interior design projects that embodies the best of Scandinavian design. From the Reflex collection, this cabinet features a solid body of walnut wood, perfect for soft living room decors with earth colour schemes.

Uso Bed

Don’t be afraid to give a classic flair to the bedroom composition with the Uso bed. Full of texture and light, Uso can bed used to create welcoming and relaxing atmospheres for modern men and women. It features a wooden headboard and simple details.

Uso Bedside Table

Make a cohesive statement about your bedroom aesthetic with the Uso bedside table. Sophisticated and sublime, this is a compact and handless nightstand with two sleek shelves. Perfect for industrial and Scandinavian decors.

Uso Chest of Drawers

Uso chest of drawers is a wooden bedroom piece for discreet decors. Idel to create a personal retreat, it will be the final touch of your bedroom styling. Featuring four handless drawers, Uso is a black wood storage solution for elegant spaces.

Scandinavian-style homes are surrounded by mid-century modern designs. Their clean silhouettes and neutral colours are ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. Discover the 30 must-have pieces by Laskasas. They are brilliant for either small or open-spaces. The secret is to get simple interiors with minimal windows frames that light to poor into space.

From warm textures to simple decorative accents and neutral colours, everything matches. Combine metal and wood finishes. Think functionality and beauty.

If you need more assistance into choosing furniture pieces with Scandinavian design inspiration for your interior design project, contact our team.