30 Must-Have Furniture Design Pieces by Laskasas

Looking for the piece that will create a big impression in your next interior design project? Find Laskasas selection of 30 must-have furniture design pieces. Explore our full collection of handmade products. No interior design project is complete without one of these piece at least.

30 Must-Have Furniture Design Pieces by Laskasas

Jeane Dining Table

Jeane is a mid-century modern dining table made with a wooden structure and a stunning marble top. It features golden metallic details as well, providing an extra touch of sophistication.

Ann Dining Table

Ann is an oval dining table with wooden top and metal frame, made up of metal bars that slope slightly toward the center of the table.

Twisted Dining Table

Twisted dining table is a modern table design based on metal frame and clear glass top. Ideal for those who like bold bets and simultaneously the neutrality of glass, this unique piece is perfect for a modern dining room decoration.

Dean Sideboard

Dean is a mid-century sideboard with modern inspirations that looks perfect in any dining room. Made in wood, it presents rounded edges and sleeks feet, metallic details, and marble top option. A stunning choice for your decor.

Strike Sideboard

Strike is a dining room sideboard with wooden frame and metal border, out of which 4 doors stand out. The sideboard rests on metal feet, providing a timeless look to your dining room.

Brown Sideboard

Brown sideboard is a unique vintage-inspired piece with rounded ends. Its wooden surface and trimmed metallic details present an exquisitely marble top that can be customized in wood. A mid-century touch to your decor!

Rosane Mirror

Circular wall mirror subdivided asymmetrically between mirror and marble. The border between the two materials is accentuated by a thin metal line that adds even more sophistication to this piece.


Lyssa Console

Lyssa is a modern console with rounded corners. Its wrought-iron structure contrasts with the romantic top in wood or marble for an effortlessly sophisticated entrance hall.


Jill Console

Jill is a stunning marble console designed for entrance halls, in a straightforward one-piece structure. A  contemporary and sophisticated design, customizable in the choice of marble and metal that make it up.


Evelyn Console

Evelyn is a mid-century modern console that plays with materials to create a unique design. The wooden top includes 2 drawers and its structure presents a metal frame.


Niels Console

Niels is a Scandinavian design console made in wood and with stainless steel details. The angled legs create a unique vintage look while the two drawings provide enough storage space.

Jones Floor Lamp

Jones floor lamp presents a metallic black structure in straight lines under which rests the globe of the lamp. A simple design that fits in any ambience, either next to a desk or in a reading corner.

Jackson’s Wall Lamp

Wall lamp consisting of three circles in three different raw materials. The wood dominates this piece, occupying the largest circle, while marble and stainless steel enter the piece with the same prominence, almost a summary of what is the identity of Laskasas.

Jack Table Lamp

Tall table lamp in marble or wood, with metallic details at the base and top with an elegant line that crosses the marble and joins both ends.

Dave Wall Lamp

Dave wall lamp is a simplistic design made with marble and metallic wall bracket and finish. It creates a smooth ambient light while creating dimension to the space.

Janis Suspension Lamp

Janis is a pendant lamp with wrought iron structure and stainless steel ceiling support. It has two round white bulbs, pointing in different directions. With a unique design, it is an indispensable piece in its modern mid-century decoration.

Ambrose Armchair

Ambrose is a one-of-a-kind armchair with sleek convex back. It features a discreet wooden base to support a majestic upholstered armchair with a comfortable seat.

Cosy Armchair

A new version of our bestseller Cosy Sofa, this is an upholstered armchair, with wooden structure and metal accents at its base. A warm and inviting design, comfortable in its essence, and perfect for cozy living room decors.

Nelly Armchair

Nelly armchair is a vintage-inspired design with deep convex back and angular feet. Involved in sophisticated camel leather, the smooth lines of the back provide structure while maintaining the comfort every seating piece needs.

Lua Coffee Table

Lua is a set of round coffee tables, with an iron frame and slate top. With feet shaped like the moon, this unique piece can be combined with smaller or bigger shapes to transform your interior design project.

D’Arc Bookshelf

D’Arc is a solid wood display cabinet with a clear glass front. Involved in wood and featuring metallic details, it’s a stunning interior design piece that can stand out in every interior design.

Mercy Side Table

From the Mercy Collection, this side table presents a round top and metallic structure and details. With a cylindrical shape, the asymmetrical line structure will be the highlight of your project.

Nordik Side Table

Sophisticated wooden side table with metallic details at the end of each leg. The elegant, soft lines of this design evoke the Scandinavian style and their simple but stylish way of life.

Chester Sofa

A classic upholstered Chesterfield style sofa with a timeless design, where the buttoned upholstery lining the backs of the seats symbolizes sophistication.

Jean Sofa

Jean Sofa is an impressive piece of upholstery with buttons and wooden details. With a metallic footer, this piece plays a sophisticated role in the decoration of your living room.

Harry Sofa

Harry is an upholstered 3 seater sofa, 2 seater or corner sofa, always with wide arms, which contain a different upholstery from the rest of the structure, allowing a diversity that allows you to fit in any decor.

Estoril Bar Stool

Estoril is an upholstered modern bar stool made from the finest materials. Its feet present subtle metal details that provide a contemporary look to your decor.

Kiev Bed

Upholstered bed with high buttoned headboard, giving extra customization and accentuating the warmth and passionate spirit of any bedroom.

Bur Pouf

Bur is a round upholstered pouf ideal to serve as an additional seat for a living room or bedroom. The highlight of this piece is based on the buttoned fabric with a velvety feel. A design that can be combined with any style of decoration.

D’Arc Dressing Table

From the D’Arc family of products, this stunning dressing table features six drawers and a big round mirror to perfect moments of lust. The metallic details provide a luxury touch to the decor. The last piece of 30 must-have furniture design pieces by Laskasas.