Big Coffee Table in the Living Room – 13 Ideas

Choosing a big coffee table for the living room: stylish examples – in our new selection

A big coffee table is an indispensable item for those who like to watch a film with friends or dine in front of the TV while sitting on the couch. There is enough space on the big coffee table for snacks and glasses, as well as vases, figurines, photographs – this list is limited only by your imagination. For you, we have collected + examples of big coffee tables from collections of Laskasas. Watch and be inspired for changes in your home!

Gold coffee table was designed to be in the very heart of the most memorable interior design projects. Handmade by Laskasas artisans, this impressive centre table features a smoked mirror top and a wooden body. A breathtaking mid-century touch of style to any elegant living room.

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Reflex coffee table is a majestic piece made of dark wood. This elegant item creates timeless living rooms with unexpected comfort. Due to its materials, Reflex coffee table provides dimension and light to space.

S.Paulo coffee table has so much glamour to add to any living room or open space. This vintage centre table brings the best of two materials: wood and stainless steel. This soft combination of both worlds creates a warm item for inviting rooms.

Still coffee table is the natural choice for bold living rooms or sophisticated restaurants lounges and hotel lobbies. This elegant round centre table with a stainless base it simultaneously luxurious and refined, adding a touch of glamour to any interior.

Bring the best of Scandinavian design style with Sila coffee table. This contemporary coffee table with a segmented opening in four storage spaces is the perfect storage solution for practical living rooms.

Space coffee table is an exclusive item produced for those who love geometric design mixed with noble materials. Made in wood, it features four iron feet with unexpected details. The perfect addition to a living room, indoor space, hotel lobby or restaurant lounge.

Megan coffee table carries a refined style with a low “shelf” for storage. This centre table features a wood top, supported by a metallic structure. Megan is the ideal choice for classic living rooms with a sophisticated soul.

Raw coffee table is the perfect addition to the living room and the centrepiece that brings a mid-century style to its design. This wooden top centre table features a metallic square base and natural finishes. Simultaneously elegant and powerful, it is stunning for any space uncompromised with decoration limits.

D’Arc coffee table features beautiful stainless steel support that creates a stunning contrast with the wooden top and body. A gorgeous design and the ideal addition to a restaurant, bistro, cafe, hotel or living room.

Lua coffee table is composed of two centrepieces that elevate the style of any living room. With its round shape and different sizes, these are two sophisticated furniture designs inspired by the unique shape of the moon. Lua is perfect for modern rooms and classy decor projects.

Beauty lives inside Lyssa coffee table. Defined for its solid marble top, this living room piece is conceived from different materials and details for additional glamour. A unique coffee table for those who have a peculiar taste for functional and sophisticated pieces.

Mercy coffee table makes a huge impression in any living room. The harmony between wood and stainless steel gives an unexpected touch of glamour to luxury interiors. The strong presence of this centre table is provided by the incredible geometric structure. The perfect masterpiece for home decors with a modern approach.

Clea coffee table is an impressive focal point for any contemporary living room. This marvellous furniture piece displays unexpected finishes and traditional design techniques combined through a meticulous creative process. Clea is composed of noble marble with a stainless steel frame in the end. Perfect to elevate your interior design project.

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