Laskasas new pieces for 2021: from home office furniture to luxury dining tables


Laskasas new pieces is all about wellness, comfort and making people happier. Who loves furniture know that for 2021 the biggest interior design trend is comfort in all shapes and textures. What is the look of comfort and wellness? Laskasas launched new furniture pieces thinking of the idea of embracing what is well made and lasts forever.

Laskasas escapes from furniture conventions to embrace different kinds of silhouettes and material combinations. Our extensive selection of furniture, lighting, upholstery and home accessories aren’t just products or pieces. Each piece is a contribution to making stunning first impressions, cosy nooks, and enjoying spaces.

The key furniture trends 2021

  1. Comfy sofas and chairs.
  2. Pieces big on soft and able to hold our attention.
  3. Go bold or go home.
  4. Garden furniture.
  5. Home office furniture.
  6. Balcony furniture.
  7. Wallpapers, geometry and patterns.
  8. Meaningfull small goods, objets d’art and statement pieces.
  9. Less mass-produced furniture.
  10. Warm colours. More green, blue, yellow and shades of pink.
  11. Mix of new and old.
  12. Well-made furniture pieces, more regional and place-based.
  13. Cosy beds.
  14. Natural materials.
  15. Rounded shapes.
  16. The new art deco and eclecticism.

Laskasas new pieces for 2021

Rick sideboard

The Rick sideboard is that statement piece that will define the entire dining room concept. This storage solution made of wood and marble, with four doors, creates a gathering space in a room or a corner of the living room to mingle with family and friends.

Width: 240cm / 94,49inch.

Depth: 50cm/ 19,69inch.

Height: 80cm/ 31,50inch.

Materials & Finishes: Matte Nero Marquina marble, smoked oak and matte brushed golden stainless steel

Eda dining table

From the soft edges to the visually compelling colours, the Eda dining table is a robust piece that gives style and glamour to any space. The Eda table is an everyday piece that balances luxury and functionality. It enhances elegance and simplicity with its high-end finishes and colours

Width: 260cm / 102,36inch.

Depth: 120cm / 47,24inch.

Height: 78cm / 30,71inch.

Materials & Finishes: Matte brushed golden stainless steel and matte smoked oak

Ambrose chair

The Ambrose chair belongs to the range of Laskasas new pieces. It is a modern dining chair that will give a warm and cosy mood to any room. Finely upholstered in soft fabrics, the curved silhouette and stylish back create a fanciful dining chair full of luxurious features.

Width: 62cm / 24,41inch.

Depth: 58cm / 22,83inch.

Height: 82cm / 32,28inch.

Materials & Finishes: Ash stained in smoked eucalyptus and copper polished stainless steel.
Fabrics: Xangai White and Berlin Siena.

Dean TV cabinet

The Dean TV cabinet is a mid-century piece that exhales charm. The stunning polished marble top is supported by a wood structure. The golden stainless steel brings a luxury touch to this piece and creates a balanced contrast with the dark wood.

Width: 250cm / 98,43inch.

Depth: 51cm / 20,08inch.

Height: 55cm / 21,65inch.

Materials & Finishes: Black ash, gold brushed stainless steel and Green Issorie marble

Dara desk

Dara Desk holds sleek lines and a clean silhouette to focus on work. A wooden writing desk perfect for any office or workspace. Dara Desk gives a minimalist feel to any room with the luxurious touch of noble materials.

Width: 180cm / 70,87inch.

Depth: 80cm / 31,50inch.

Height: 78cm / 30,71inch.

Materials & Finishes: Matte smoked old oak and copper polished stainless steel

2021 catalogue

Laskasas new pieces

Our luxury and extensive selection of furniture, lighting, upholstery and home accessories is designed to meet your needs for your specific projects. Tables, chairs, storage, sofas, armchairs, beds, mirrors or lamps. Explore our diverse collection and create the look you want.

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