Meet the Laskasas Virtual Showroom – a new technology of exhibition space

Meet the Laskasas Virtual Showroom – a new technology of exhibition space, which was created in order to simplify the work of our clients.

While the world does not stand still, and over the past year in restricted travel mode, we have learned to use technology to meet the needs of customers and businesses.


After the outbreak of the pandemic, our team began looking for a new way to interact with customers interactively to educate them about the company’s values, solutions and products.The result was the Laskasas Virtual Showroom, a fully digital space that anyone can visit from any device, country and at any time.


For some countries, we have prepared a special surprise, and saved specific weeks for each country in which our sales team will work for you to make personal tours in our virtual showroom and answer to all your questions. You can book online the meeting and get all the attention and information you would need, as if we would come to your office with a brand presentation.

Now the communication with us became even easier and our team speaks English, Spanish, France and Russian languages.

Scroll down and see more information about countries and dates and book your personal visit of digital showroom.


This space showcases different configurations for a variety of areas, from hallways and dining zone to home office and bedroom. New furniture products, immersive rooms, exclusive technical information and the latest interactive catalogues offer an immersive tour designed with three words in mind: evolve, showcase and home.



To visit the Laskasas Virtual Showroom, simply click on the button



You will be greeted by a virtual assistant, the movement between rooms is indicated by circles, and each of the products can be looked closer, so you can check all the necessary details, and even go to the product page on our website.


You can walk through all the rooms of the showroom, view them in 360′, imagine how the furniture might look in the finished project, and also, which is one of the most important, see the finishes of the pieces.


The idea of our designers was to create a universal and multifunctional interior with long-lasting furniture pieces. This digital showroom is all about to inspire with new interior design world ideas and to simplify the work of designers, architects and showrooms.


Functions available:


  • Click and drag to look around.
  • Click on the logo icon to discover more about each product
  • Click on discover more to know more about the product
  • Click on the heart icon to add your favorite products to your personal wish list
  • Click on the circles to change the point of view
  • Click on the list icon to show the brand info


First saved dates:

8/03-12/03 – France

15/03-19/03 – United Kingdom

22/02-26/03 – Italy

29/03-1/04 – Austria

5/04-9/04 – USA

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