New 2020 trend: “Pantone`s classic blue” inspired modern furniture designs

Throughout history, the color blue has always been associated with peace, calm and comfort. Blue hues are known to be evocative of stability, trust, confidence and connection – just the things we found lacking these days. They are honest, reassuring, and reliable, restful and optimistic. Color of the year 2020 – Pantone’s Classic Blue, taps into those feelings and places them into a poetic context.

Pantone’s Classic Blue in Modern Living Room

After a couple of seasons of selecting bold, extravagant hues, the Pantone color of the year 2020 is finally a go-to color to include in the interior design projects. With the resurgence of the vintage aesthetic and our rediscovered interest in the traditional decorating styles, a Classic Blue won’t struggle on it’s road to success.

It’s no surprise then that stylish blue decor details for the home is a significant focus. And what better place to usher in the hue than in your living room.

Pantone’s Classic Blue Details For Stunning Entrance Halls

Classic blue pouf is th most striking element for this stunning decoration of entrance hall, designed by Laskasas.

Universal as it is, a Classic Blue by Pantone fits beautifully into timeless settings, while at the same time offering an edge.

Stunning Blue Color in Dining Room

Blue fabric of dining chairs perfectly matches to stainless still details and wooden colors, creating timeless interior of dining room for the best moments with your closest ones.

Classic Blue by Pantone is such a versatile colour and the ways you can use it in your home is endless, so experiment and be bold!

Get the look: