Set Decorator: the role that makes magic happen

living room with dining table and bookshelves

Set Decorator and Furniture accurator have a vital role to play in a film or television show.

Some scenarios demand every ounce of your attention, with sets and production design that often tell as much of the story as the dialogue.

Here we can imagine the importance that each piece of furniture has in the construction of the scene. But who chooses all the decorations of the scenario? Who chooses the wall coverings, the ambient, the artwork, the tables, the “everything” we see in a room or a living room?

It is the Set Decorator, the larger unsung hero of the movie world. The Academy Award for Best Production Design recognizes achievement in art direction on a movie. The category’s first name was Best Art Direction.

  • sala com apresentadores de televisão e convidados
  • homem deitado numa cama vestido de branco
  • sala decorada com mobiliário elegante

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What does Set Decorations do?

Set decorators are storytellers. They create the background of the action, explaining the context, adding mood and visual interest as the drama unfolds. While prop masters deal with the placing of objects an actor holds, set decorators are concerned with the walls, floors, vehicles, and furniture.

What does the set decorator focus on?

A Set Decorator visually interprets the personality of the film or television show from script to screen through set decor. Set Decorator carefully, decipher the psychology and taste of characters which allow them to select, procure, fabricate, layer, mix, and other items that may denote the character.

  • living room with TV presenter
  • living room with TV presenters and guests
  • Television program in a living room setting
  • living room decor

Set Decorator then works in very close partnership with the Production Designer to help achieve that vision physically through furnishings and set.

Some of the biggest Set Decorators in the industry of films and television are currently at Productions by Members of the SDSA:

  • Elizabeth Keenan (Alice in Wonderland);
  • Jille Azis (6 Underground);
  • Gordon Sim (Cinderella Man);
  • Gina Cromwell (Downton Abbey);
  • Tina Jones (Spider-Man: far from home);
  • Ken Olin (This Is Us);
  • Lisa Alkofer (Walking Dead);
  • Wes Anderson (Grand Budapest Hotel);
  • Elizabeth Keenan (The Glorias);
  • Regina Graves (The Irishman);
  • Michael Hirst (Vikings).

Take ideas from the screen and bring them into your home. Look at the inspirations we propose of the national and international scenarios we were part of.

  • sala com apresentadores de televisão
  • cenário de um quarto com mobiliário para programa de tv.
  • decoração de sala com sofás e mobiliário

Some pieces from Laskasas that were present in productions:

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