10 dining tables that make a big impact

10 dining tables that make a big impact

The dining table in the dining room interiors, as a rule, takes the central place and becomes the main element of the interior. Therefore, it is very important that it be not only comfortable, but also beautiful, and organically fits into the style of the room decoration. We have selected unique dining tables that will become sophisticated elements of the interior, and will also give you and your loved ones an unforgettable cozy pastime together.

Jeane Dining Table

Jeane is a mid-century modern dining table made with a wooden structure and a stunning marble top. It features golden metallic details as well, providing an extra touch of sophistication.

Cheryl Dining Table

Cheryl is a circular dining table with wood top and metal base, ideal for a dining room decoration with straight lines, as contrast and geometric complement to the decoration.

Ann Dining Table

Ann is an oval dining table with wooden top and metal frame, made up of metal bars that slope slightly toward the center of the table.

D’Arc Dining Table

D’Arc dining table is a wood dining table with a metallic structure. The rectangular top presents round edges and plays with dimension next to its feet, a Z-shape structure, that presents three small stripes.

Opium Dining Table

Opium is an oval dining table with a modern design to suit the most extravagant personalities. The conically shaped feet provide a fun twist to this design, being the perfect addition to your modern and bold dining room decorations.

Bilbao Dining Table

Bilbao is a stunning wooden dining table, a bold piece to any interior decor. This contemporary design plays with clean lines and dimensions in a creative way and becomes a definitive piece for any home decor.

Egg Dining Table

This modern dining table is shaped like an egg, both the top as the feet, living up to its name. Like all Laskasas pieces, you can customize in all sizes, materials, and finishes.

Brenda Dining Table

Brenda is a modern dining table topped with glass and laced metal frame. This table is ideal for a stylish and modern living room with a touch of refinement and luxury.

Mercy Dining Table

Mercy is a round dining table accompanied by a stainless steel structure. The highlight of this design is based on its asymmetric metal structure that adds a dramatic twist to a glamorous table.

Twisted Dining Table

Twisted dining table is a modern table design based on metal frame and clear glass top. Ideal for those who like bold bets and simultaneously the neutrality of glass, this unique piece is perfect for a modern dining room decoration.

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