7 Peaceful Interior Colours that Reduce Stress

7 Peaceful Interior Colours that Reduce Stress

Colour psychology is used widely in branding and marketing but it’s also a powerful interior design tool. Peaceful interior colours arguably has more of an impact on the mood of a room than any other factor. Different shades conjure various emotions so when debating on which hues to choose for your home it’s key to think about the kind of atmosphere you want to create and which colours will help you achieve this.

Peaceful Interior Colours – Blue Colour

Blue color is the color of calmness and satisfaction. Light-blue and blue tones in the room relieve aggression and restore peace of mind. For melancholic people, dark blue is associated with depth and anxiety, so use it wisely and carefully at home. Mix wisely blue color with other colors. Choose blue for small rooms: it visually enlarges the room. Use light colors (turquoise, azure, cornflower blue) for large surfaces (walls, ceilings), and for accents – rich, dark shades.

Peaceful Interior Colours – Violet Colour

Violet colour is perceived quite ambiguously, so it is rarely used in the interior. Some consider it peaceful, elegant and refined. Others, that it’s dangerous, perceived as overly saturated, gloomy and restless. However, with the right choice of shades and moderate use, the purple room not only looks spectacular, but also has a positive effect. Indeed, many types of this colour contribute to improve mood, bring creative powers, help focus, give the opportunity to calm down and relieve stress.

Variety of shades
Due to the versatility of the purple colour, everyone can find a shade that he likes. The most popular are deep purple, lilac, lavender, purple, eggplant, amethyst, violet, indigo, plum. Different shades can create a different atmosphere, from peace and romantic atmosphere, ending with a feeling of luxury and sophistication.

Peaceful Interior Colours – Pink Colour

The house where the dream lives is unthinkable without the colour pink
Key meanings and symbolism: balance, tenderness, sentimentality, attractiveness, femininity, sensitivity, warmth, lightness. The pink colour is calm, relaxation, feminine. Light nuances of pink are tender and touching, more saturated shades are dramatic and exciting.

Peaceful Interior Colours – Green Colour

It is difficult to find more life-affirming and at the same time cozy color than green. It is formed by a mixture of warm yellow and cold blue and located in the middle of the spectrum, and the main quality that characterizes the green color is peace. As the first spring greens, it acts in our psyche soothingly and at the same time charges with optimism, relieves irritability and invigorates. These valuable properties of green should be used in the interior.

Green colour will fit perfectly into the interior of the living room. For the walls of the living room (as well as the home office), calm light green or olive is suitable. This is a shade of confidence and stability. Ideal for interior in a classic style. Against its background, natural wood furniture looks great.

Peaceful Interior Colours – Grey Colour

In recent years, grey colour in the interior is becoming more popular. The restraint and elegance of grey and its shades will appeal to many.

Gray is the colour of harmony, stability, tranquillity and prosperity. Not many people know that the grey colour in the interior of a flat can be used in completely different ways: as a colour scheme for covering walls; furniture colour; individual elements of decor; decorative panels, figurines, etc.; colours of curtains, canopies; the colour of floors and doors, sometimes the colour of ceilings.

Well suited for living rooms, bathrooms, for bedrooms. It is not recommended to use grey in outdoor areas.

Peaceful Interior Colours – Yellow Colour

Yellow is warmth, nonchalant joy, optimism, energy. It improves memory and concentration, has a positive effect on brain function, facilitating the process of memorization and learning. A true intellectual among fellow colours. A similar property will play into the hands when designing a work / training zone or office.

If you love yellow and definitely want it in your home, then pay attention to the following tips.

Do not use it on large main surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling, tile in the bathroom. In such quantities, it will be too active, it can irritate and crush. It will be difficult for you to completely change the concept of the interior without a complete alteration, because yellow in any combination will be bright and defiant. Therefore, it is best to add it in the form of accessories, strokes or separate furniture, if this is not a full-fledged set of several items. For example, in the kitchen it can be curtains, dishes, lampshade, napkins, tablecloths, seats on stools. In the living room there are vases, flowers, pots, candles, pillows on the sofa. In the bathroom  washcloth, rug, towel, glasses.

Peaceful Interior Colours – White Coulour

White colour is characterized by perfection and completeness, demonstrates an absolute and final solution, complete freedom for opportunities and removal of obstacles. Its fundamental quality is equality, because It contains all the colours. It always inspires, helps, creates a certain faith (gives freedom).

With white colour, it is possible to visually expand the room. In addition, the white walls and ceiling create the effect of airiness, weightlessness. Speaking of white interiors, we talk about white only conditionally. White has many shades and nuances: the colour of ivory, baked milk, natural cotton and linen, the colour of mother-of-pearl, snow and cream. Playing with different shades of white will help to create an exquisite range that will not be uniform. Not to mention the fact that it serves as a wonderful backdrop for various shades of coffee, terracotta and wood. These combinations create a cosy, warm atmosphere in the house, give the interior a special nobility.

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