7 Comfy Modern Home Office Ideas

A modern home office should be not only the place where you find your motivation for productivity, but also the place where you feel comfort and able to focus on current tasks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re still working from home, or already came back to normal office routine. Having a comfort place to run your interests, hobbies or business affects good on achieving your life goals and brings positive energy to your home.

See our selection of comfy modern home office and choose the one that would fit the best to your house.

Increase motivation and creativity

Vault home office is a beautiful and curated environment designed to increase motivation and creativity.

Gives an extra motivation dose

Pictor home office not only looks good as will give the extra motivation dose you need to get to work. With ample sunlight, rejuvenating colour-schemes and actually-comfortable seating pieces to work on, Pictor is an incredible modern home office.

Leather is the prominent material of this space. It’s present on the beige armchairs, on the camel office chair and on the top of the desk. Leather enriches the decor while maintaining the comfort you need to work.

Comfy chairs, slim dark desk & flexible designs

The Perseverance home office makes the working from home routine more comfortable, organised and stylish. Comfy chairs, soft textiles, high-to-ceiling windows and flexible designs create the ultimate modern home office.

The room to get things done

The Now Think modern home office is a well-designed space that inspires creativity and helps to shut out distractions. Whether used every day of the week or for an occasional brainwriting, this is the room to get things done. The lounge chair is perfect for those moments of concentrated thinking while the discreet desk and the tactile walls bring a luxurious feel to the set.

Inviting work space

The Maderas home office is an inviting space designed with organic elements and cosy furnishings. Embrace soft colours to improve inspiration and creativity. The elegant home desk with drawers and the comfortable desk chair with a beautiful design creates a contemporary style full of un-conventional metal finishes.

Wood desk with three drawers

The Lofoten home office speaks to those who need comfort and style to greater creativity. The simple wood desk with three drawers and the ergonomic leather chair creates the perfect place to escape the urban world and to get things done.

Scandinavian-design-inspired desk

The King’s home office makes the best use of any workspace without sacrificing everyday elegance. The Scandinavian-design-inspired desk is situated in front of a large window, creating a sense of calmness and privacy. The lighting fixture, the artworks and the cushions elevate the room and add depth.

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