Dining room trends for contemporary home by Laskasas

Dining room trends for contemporary home by Laskasas

We are knee-deep into the new year and trends continue to catch us by surprise. This time it’s the dining room’s turn.
More homeowners are looking at the idea of investing in their houses not only to give it that personal touch but to improve the home’s overall value. With that being said, there are a few new dining room trends and here are our favorites thus far.

Less Formal

Even though many of us have grown up on the idea of having a formal dining room, that ship is sailing quickly. This year, it’s all about removing the formal aspect from the dining room area and bringing a semi-open space. It’s an architectural dream to open up a room, bring in soft decor that feels new and fresh. Furthermore, it gives the room a modern touch that gives it a laid back feel. Work with soft elements that open up the room overall.

Mix and Match

All of your furniture and decorative pieces do not need to be the same, in fact, it’s all about mixing and matching the pieces seamlessly. This year, it’s less about appearing like a “catalog” and more about being comfortable and sleek. Choose one statement piece and work around it. It’s all about taking that element and working it through the room for a fresh, almost laid back approach.

Asymmetrical Lines

We are going bold, daring and using shapes this time around. Asymmetrical lines, that have been paired with like-minded elements work well because it makes the room come to life seamlessly. Highlight the unique aspect of the room, by ensuring you bring in as much color and daring patterns as much as you can. Pair it with a uniquely shaped dining table.

Round Table

When you are considering what shape to bring to the dining room- consider round. Round decor is perfect for those that want a smaller touch that does not take away from the room. Round tables tend to be smaller, and even more intimate. However, this year you want to work on having as many chairs as you possibly. It’s about making a round table feel sleek and warm.

Add Some Shine

In this modern dining room by Laskasas, the bronze accents catch our eye and keep things interesting without creating visual chaos. So if you want to experiment with metallic accents, take note.

Opt for Minimalism

Clutter is kept to a minimum in this dining room architecture and design, and the soothing color scheme ensures a grounded atmosphere. Bring in earthy colors and materials for a similar feel. Then add contrast with sculptural lighting, large-scale abstract art, and clean-lined furniture.

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