Home Design Advice: Choose Your Perfect Armchair

Home Design Advices: Choose Your Perfect Armchair

The choice of armchair it’s a personal, so don’t be afraid to be egoistic and choose the one you will really love. Let us help you with the selection process and introduce you some inspirational ways of finding your perfect armchair.


This may sound obvious, but with so many different options out there, you really need to think about what style you are looking for before you start your search. Are you after a traditional or more modern style? A Scandinavian design or mid-century modern? A cosy chair to cuddle up on whilst you read by your bedroom window, or something more dominant that will make a real style statement? Thinking about these options will enable you to narrow your search and help you to find the armchair that’s right for you.


The fabric you chose will inevitably have an impact on its longevity. As a result, you may need to consider your lifestyle when selecting armchair fabrics. If you have pets or small children than a lavish velvet may not be the most practical choice, whereas for a more grown-up home, then a luxurious leather or soft cotton could provide the perfect finishing touch. Opt for wool if you are after something with a cosy feel, however, if you require a more formal look than a linen mix is a great choice. Choose loud colours or funky prints to create that statement look.


Before you think about size, you need to determine where the chair is going to be placed. Do you require a larger chair, like the Sophia armchair from Laskasas, for cosy nights in by the fire or a small boudoir chair for a nook in the bedroom? Is your armchair required as part of a sociable space for guests to sit and relax, or simply to fill up excess hall space? Consider these factors alongside your existing furniture, as you don’t want the area to become cramped or over crowded.


Above all, you want an armchair that’s going to be comfortable and suit its main purpose. We recommend testing different styles to see what suits you best. If you’re looking for a cosy seat to watch TV and read in, a snuggler armchair or a one-seat sofa sofa is a good choice. The Jean Sofa from Laskasas is designed for style and relaxation with its deep and comfortable cushioning. Laskasas has a range of armchairs to suit all styles and requirements. See the range here.


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