White Living Rooms: 16 Inspiring Interiors

White is a popular solution for decorating a living room in any style. It allows you to visually enlarge the space, fill it with light and “air”. Good examples of white living rooms – in our new selection

Design wisdom says: “Not all white is the same white: in fact, it has a lot of shades from sterile snowy to warm tones.” When decorating white living rooms, it is important to choose the right shade. It is better not to mix colours on your own, turn to professional colourists – after all, even experienced designers sometimes take more than one day to find the right shade.

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“I add a little black to the white paint to reduce the harshness,” says designer Michaela Scherrer. – If you want a warmer shade, add some ochre or yellow. It is easy to overdo it with it, but everything is fixable – just add a drop of purple or blue to bring back the cold undertone.

How to understand if the shade really fits harmoniously into white living rooms interior? Always apply multiple strokes to the wall at different times of the day and night and analyse. “

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