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10 Latin-American Interior Design Studios you have to see

10 Latin-American inspiring interior design studios that you can’t miss

What ties together Latin-American interior design? Lines on their projects are either sharper or more complex, and there are splashes of rich color, often in unexpected doses. And while limited availability of goods can be problematic, it also spurs creativity and ingenuity, and occasionally requires designers to reinvent the wheel.

Here is Laskasas curated list of the 10 Latin-American Interior Design Studios you can’t miss.

Comité de Proyectos, Mexico

Comité de Proyectos is an interior and furniture design studio founded in 2014 by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto in Mexico City. They like to study the relationship between people and spaces. Their interior design projects are light, stunning, and creative. With a combination of different styles, it allows their clients to fall in love with every single one of them. See more of their workhere @cmpx

Arthur Casas, Brazil

Graduated in architecture and urbanism in 1983 from Mackenzie University, he founded his Studio – Arthur Casas in 1999. His architecture is spread through New York, Paris, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo in particular. Developing projects in residential and commercial with quite a characteristic way. He participated in two Architecture Biennials in São Paulo, in 1997 and 2003 and the Biennial of Buenos Aires in 2003, 2005, and 2007, with an award in the XII Biennial of Buenos Aires. In 2007 he released a book about his work and his relationship with the city of São Paulo and right now is in its 2nd edition. See more of his work here @studio.arthurcasa

Andre Guitierrez, Mexico

The renowned Latin-American interior designer founded his inspiring design studio, also known as AG Studio, in 2012. Their incredible portfolio ranges from modern residential projects to amazing commercial interiors and has been recognized in several publications and awards, such as the Biennial of Mexican Architecture, IIDDA Best Interiors of Latin America and the Caribbean. Together with his current business partner, Mayela Ruiz, Andre is committed to creating something more than designing aesthetic places. He is trying to achieve that through the use of psychology (based on human relations and feelings), colour and the right selection of bespoke furnishings and lighting designs. See more of his work here @ag_interior_studio

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Gristanti & Cussen, Chile

Gristanti & Cussen is an interior design office based in Santiago, founded by architect Hugo Grisanti and interior designer Kana Cussen. Their spaces are often designed around opposing themes, such as ancient and modern, natural, and artificial and cosy and sophisticated. With the aim to create eclectic spaces, Gritsanti & Cussen use eccentric gestures to refresh traditional spaces such as the creation of an audio visual room in a colonial mansion, complete with gold panelling, chandeliers and flat screen televisions masquerading as 18th century still life paintings. Recent projects include Hotel Bidasoa, a chic eco-boutique hotel in the Chilean capital. See more of their work @grisanticussen 

João Mansur, Brazil

Founded in 1984, the company João Mansur Architecture Design Art initially focused on Interior Design, having performed in just two years over 50 different projects. In 1988 was considered by the specialized press as one of the “Top 10” offices in Brazil. In the same year company opened for the corporate world being hired by the company Giorgio Armani for their entry in Brazil. See more of his work @joãormansu

Katherine Rahal Interior Architecture, Chile

Interior designer Katherine Rahal set up Katherine Rahal Interior Architecture 10 years ago in Santiago. Katherine’s signature style uses a lot of natural materials, texture, and simplicity. Having studied at the University of Chile and successfully acquired two diplomas in design, Katherine has over 20 year’s experience. Her eponymous company works on both residential and commercial properties, including the redesign of the restaurant and bar Puerto Claro Valparaíso. The project aims for that ‘wow factor’ with a bespoke bar that against a backdrop of multi-colored box lights and hanging gold lamps that reach out from the bar like rays of sunshine. To see more of Rahal’s work visit @katherineraha

Girdom Diseño, México

Founded by Juana Girault de Domenzain, this might be one of the Most Prominent Design Studios in Mexico for the last 25 years. With a wide range of national and international projects, Juana continues at the forefront of style, quality, and elegance with each of its clients. The interior designer is focused on creating contemporary interior design projects with a 100% personalized service. Besides their incredible interior design services, the design studio also features a unique service for the event’s organization and decoration. See more of their work in here @girdom_

David Bastos, Brazil

David Bastos lived experiences in public organizations in areas of housing and urban planning, which was essential to his perfect use of spaces. Mixing old and new, and focusing on the effect of some materials, he says that “every job has its own reading and yields good results, once provided the developed in the right way” So David Bastos has been refining his style and leaving his mark on the landscape of Salvador with elegance and subtlety. See more of their work in here @dbarquitectos

Héctor Esrawe, Mexico

 During his incredible career, Héctor has won several national and international awards, such as AZ Awards winner 2018, Jury Prize and People’s Choice in FRAME Awards 2018, Wallpaper Design Award winner 2018, Interior Practice of the year in World Interior News 2018 and Best of the Year Award 2017 among others. In his studio based in Mexico, the interior designer develops contemporary furniture, interior design, and architectural solutions for museums, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, residential complexes, and private homes. Thanks to his amazing team of experienced designers, architects, production technicians, and graphic designers to artisans, artisans, administrators and a team of manufacturing experts. See more of his work @erawestudio

Carlos Rossi, Brazil

Architect Carlos Rossi, present for over 20 years in business, develops his projects in most Brazilian states, as well as some countries in Europe, Central America, and Africa. His works have been featured in shows, trade magazines, and international books, with recognition through various awards at major competitions in Brasil. Rossi’s projects cover many areas – corporate, institutional, commercial, hospitality, residential, and design. Carlos Rossi Architecture is known for innovative solutions and contemporary style, emphasizing personality and functionality in their creations. See more of his work @carlosrossiarquitectura

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