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10 modern bedrooms that are far from boring

10 modern bedrooms that are far from boring

The bedroom is the place in your house where you spend the most of your time, and that makes sense, after all, what could feel better than having a lovely night of sleep? The design of your room can affect both your mood and your performance during the day, and it´s influence can be felt from the very moment you open your eyes in the morning! For that reason, we at Laskasas have compiled a listo of 10 stuning modern bedrooms that can bring you inspiration.

 Indus Bedroom

Filled with useful pieces, combined in a seductive and warm way, it’s a decor solution that will surely captivate the interior design lovers. A true Laskasas bedroom decor, carefully combining great designs with quality materials!

Auriga Bedroom

The play of different tones presented in this bed and pouf defines the essence of this room. Throughout the decor, the same deep brownish tone punctuates different designs, creating unity and consistency. The bed, with its two-tone leather structure, is modern and inviting, perfectly matching the two wooden bedside tables with golden stainless steel details.

Calora Bedroom

From end to end, from any angle, under any and every home, this Laskasas bedroom decor lets you glimpse mastery in the choice of designs, fabric, and finishes.

Beni Bedroom

Modern but sweet bedroom decor with understated tones and a combination of design and materials that make it unique and individual. Composed with all bedroom essentials, this Laskasas suggestion is the proof that beauty comes from the right choices.

Osmi Bedroom

A modern bedroom with classic touches, defined by its set of straight lines and circumferences on which stand neutral tones, noble materials, and timeless textures. Open to natural light, the sobriety of colors comes to life.

Alum Bedroom

Another modern bedroom, caracterized by its grey tones and filled with natural light. A luminous suggestion, enriched by small luxurious details and comfort.

Kaimi Bedroom

Light, colorful, city-style bedroom decor, demonstrated in a pleasing yet intense color scheme, as well as the choice of simple, modern lines.

Altai Bedroom

An exclusive bedroom where the classic combination of wood and green emerges, opting for a lighter shade of green to create the perfect contemporary decor. The richness and diversity of materials mark this ambiance to transform it into a dream home.

Nagy Bedroom

Bedroom decor with a graceful and cosmopolitan look, neutral and sober tones, topped by some color details and bright, luxurious materials.

Industrial Closet

At the end of the room, a space with a coat hanger, bench and mirror creates a customized zone for choosing the best outfit. By choosing a deep blue fabric for the stool and a classic buttoned leader for the mirror frame, it’s certain that good taste will be present.

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