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10 trendy furniture ideas for 2020 Summer

2020 summer trends for interior design projects


Summer is already here, and Laskasas is bringing you some modern interior design trends to keep your projects fresh and in the groove for this summer. From natural materials to neutral and earthly colour, take a look at our 10 trendy furniture ideas for 2020 summer.

1.Curved Sofas

To create a cozy sitting area in a large room, curved sofas and chairs are the items you’re looking for this summer. Curved furniture will add a pleasing contrast to a square or rectangular shaped room. The Cosy sofa by Laskasas will add a feminine touch to your living room decor since its sublime lines gently end on the armrests to provide maximum comfort.

2.Playful, mid-century and Portuguese design

Luxury and elegance meet each other in a seductive setting that promises to elevate interior design and craftsmanship into a whole different level with exquisite pieces that bring the past and the future into the present, mixing it into a delicious combination of mid-century elements of Portuguese design.

3.Earth Colour

Basic white and Scandinavian grays are timeless and will always have their admirers. However, this summer is taking a step towards nature and introduces earth tones to our interiors. It can be shades of beige on the walls and warm browns rule the wooden floors, countertops, and furniture.


Adding wood to a room is a great way to give a house an appealing and elegant fashion. Wood will as well add warmth to the room and an alluring visual appeal specially on this season. This element will embrace industrial and rustic styles that add a classy look to an interior.


Lamps have long been the underappreciated element of interiors, humbly devoted to functionality. With the popularity of the industrial style, they shyly left their hiding places, assuming visible, simple metal forms. This Summer the lighting will be more and more boldly, reaching for fancy, richly, in colors of gold, copper, or brass, plus the bulbs in stylish sockets.

6.Large Mirrors

Instead of art, large mirrors are statement pieces that can be a focal point in an interior, like dressing room or bathroom. They are functional pieces that act as both art and decor for a fresh and clean visual for this summer.

7.Upholstered Beds

When comfiness and elegance meet, the result is upholstered beds. Upholstered headboards give a certain panache and flair to the bedroom, making a luxurious statement.

8.Traditional styling with a contemporary flavour

Vintage is becoming very trendy, and with sustainable furniture becoming a hot topic in the interior industry, the vintage furniture trend is only expected to grow in popularity this summer.

9.Natural materials

Coloured marble and travertine are associated with refined elegance. Durable, resistant and sustainable, these natural stones instantly add a glamorous edge to interior design. These type of materials will add a freshness to the room, that will be very enjoyable on this summer.

10.Traditional Details

The resurgence in the popularity of traditional lines and more intricate detailing on the furniture and decorative accessories it’s a new trend for this summer. With Grandma chic or a reaction to the saturation of mid-century style, it’s nice to see what’s old is new again.

If you need more assistance into choosing furniture pieces for your interior designs summer projects, contact our team.

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