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6 signs of a luxurious living room

6 decoration tips to create a stunning and luxurious living room

Investing in luxurious living room furniture from the world’s best furniture pieces will create a beautiful, relaxing feel in your home.

Luxurious design is, like many genres, open to infinite interpretation. With this in mind, ‘luxury’ can mean whatever you want it to. So we have compiled some fabulous examples of luxurious living rooms to hopefully inspire you.

See which you agree with and which inspire you to add a little something extra into your lounge!

1. Black and Gold

Choose modern pieces, with an overall elegant yet toned down room aesthetic. Let the sombre of black and the shimmer of gold dominate your living room for that ultimate luxurious air.

2. Luxe Violet Armchair and Puf

Transform an ordinary living room to a posh space with the comfort bright armchair. The luxurious sheen, the texture and the rich feel of fabric in your living room emanates class and indulgence.

3. The reading corner

With the right pieces, you can put together a posh and urbane living room. This smallish corner includes the essentials for intimate relaxing time – shelves with favourite books, comfort armchair, shiny side table and floor lamp.

4.  Marble topped Coffee Table

Classic pieces will last a lifetime and still look fabulous. Complete a cultured and luxurious living with this marble and gold coffee table. Marble represents finesse, while gold is all about wealth and luxury

5. Keep It Simple

Remember that a cluttered and over-accessorized living room space is far from luxurious. When it comes to living room design ideas, the last thing you want is to come up with a room that looks messy and disorganized. Therefore, try to simplify everything when decorating your space.

6. Play With Mixes

There’s fun to be found when playing with juxtapositions of texture, color, and shape in order to come up with the effect that you want for your space. When done well, mixing different materials and textures is one of the best luxury living room design ideas to help make your space look elegant and sophisticated. Try to mix glass, wood, leather, and metals, along with a variety of textiles and other decorative items to achieve a dynamic and more inviting look for your living room space.

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