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7 best interior designers of Paris

7 best interior designers of Paris

For centuries, Paris has been placed on the world’s stage for its fashion and design capabilities. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to interior design, you can find some of the most influential figures the interior design industry has ever known. Discover our selection of the best interior designers of Paris that are changing the industry.

Maison Sarah Lavoine

The Interior Architecture Studio was founded in 2002 by Sarah Poniatowski Lavoine with the desire to create timeless and lively spaces. The style of the Maison is recognized through the play of color associations, a mixture of textures, materials sublimated by the traditional know-how of its craftsmen and contemporary forms. The taste for detail makes the difference and gives a natural elegance.

Joseph Dirand Architecture

Joseph Dirand has been sharpening his eye since childhood, he knows how to see, a rare quality indeed. He sees the space and perspective of a place. His sense for composition comes from his creative family background, he has a scenographer’s eye and frames volume with extreme precision. He is sensitive to the way light plays on relief and flat surfaces, he analyses structure, notices the tiniest of details, observes a material’s abundance of features and appreciates the rightness of a color.

Charles Zana

Since the studio’s debut, Charles Zana and his team have gained 20 years experience and worked on over 200 exceptional projects around the world.
Charles Zana’s studio boast an international expertise in both residential and commercial architecture projects (shops, hotels, restaurants), scenography and design.
Charles Zana’s team is composed of skilled associates: specialist artisan workers, landscape designers, lighting designers, stonemason, ironworkers and more.

Didier Gomez

Architecture, space and volumes are the unswerving foundations of Didier Gomez’s initial drive for any of his projects. He has a vast knowledge and appreciation of historical and cultural influences as well as a passion for the decorative arts which he masterfully combines into each new environment to create a strong, unique identity with an injection of past references both in contrast and in harmony with his vision of modernity.

Gérard Faivre

In the world of interior design, Gérard Faivre, a world-renowned interior designer, ranked among the most influential, has made decoration a true artistic expression.
By placing emotion, beauty and life at the heart of his universe, he transforms the classic vision of decoration by giving it a new impetus.
Alchemist of modern times, Gérard Faivre is above all a visionary.

India Mahdavi

Since the opening of her studio in 2000. India Mahdavi develops through her creations a certain vision of happiness and color, in which she never ceases to sustain. In 2003, she launches her first furniture collection and inaugurates her showroom at 3 Rue las cases, as a place to promote a range of crafts and ancestral techniques as well as her signature color palette. In 2020, she opens a third space at 29 Rue de Bellechasse which is halfway between a window and a gallery. Unique pieces, limited editions, cartes blanches, exclusive collaborations. The program will evolve with the space, crossing lines and perspectives  in a tribute to craftsmanship.

Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot is a French interior designer and architect born on August 27, 1974, in Paris. Attending the prestigious school Ecole Camondo for contemporary styles and concepts while working on managing renovations and undertaking apartment restorations gave him credibility and self-confidence to open his agency upon graduation. Deniot’s interior designs, ranging from a classical to a contemporary style, are anything but predictable! However, they all impress with a coherent colour pallet, a flawless lighting design and a statement of some sort! The designer masterfully combines patterns, textures, materials, and pieces from different periods to achieve a breath-taking elegance.

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