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Bedroom Inspiration – Rosie Furniture Design Range

Your bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation, and romance if you are so inclined — and the decor you decide upon can influence much of what happens behind closed doors. Combine different bedroom furniture designs from the Rosie Furniture Design Range and you’ll get a bedroom set full of details with aged oak and copper stainless steel that will create an unforgettable place that you will never want to leave.

Rosie Bedroom Collection

When looking to either redesign your bedroom area, or starting fresh for the first time, you want to find furniture layouts, color schemes, and comfort details that reflect your personal tastes. Rosie collection includes 6 mid-century pieces involved in a wood and iron structure. Designed for charming and functional master bedrooms.

Filled with useful pieces, combined in a seductive and warm way, Rosie Collection – it’s a decor solution that will surely captivate the interior design lovers. A true Laskasas bedroom decor, in a decor that carefully combines great designs with quality materials!

Rosie Collection breaks some design rules and found a creative way to improve your bedroom design. Usage of two different bedside table sizes creates new trend and allows furniture to play with dimensions in the decor, creating a fun and yet cozy environment.

A vintage-inspired chest of drawers with classic lines – a piece that provides vital extra space and discreetly completes your bedroom decor.

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