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Best Swiss Interior Designers that Deserve Your Attention

Best Swiss Interior Designers that Deserve Your Attention

We want to present you our selection of the most interesting Swiss interior designers who approach their work creatively and wisely and who’s projects definitely deserve your attention.

Iria Degen Interiors AG

Iria Degen Interiors AG was established in Paris in 2000. Today they are a team of 10 to 14 in-house and freelance interior architects, architects, and designers working on private and public buildings worldwide. Projects of studio are deliberately diverse because they are always open for new challenges. They do not have a standard procedure. The motivation is to deliver results that are customized to the client’s unique needs and visions. The clientele ranges from sophisticated individuals who cultivate high expectations for detail and quality, to global corporate clients that demand a contemporary identity.


Over 25 years of experience

In 1990 the story began in a 300 year old farmhouse in Wimmis with an ancient saddler sewing machine and rusty hand tools. In the 17 years at the foot of the place, the initial upholstery shop developed into a versatile interior decorating company.
In 2007, they were able to set up a new and larger location in the historic Kornhaus in Thun. Where the grain was stored 250 years ago, exciting room furnishings with furniture, light and textiles, decorated with stylish accessories, can be discovered today on five floors. In the workshop of the studio they design, creating solid craftsmanship pieces, upholstering, sewing etc.

Sabine Hartl Architektur + Raumdesign

Every project generates many ideas and solutions. The different interests, sources of inspiration, perspectives and professional skills complement each other wonderfully. The Sabine Hartl Architektur + Raumdesign team is characterized by diversity. Interdisciplinary exchange is important and the project management can rely on the different skills of the whole team and benefits from the experience of everyone.

Herbert Bruhin

The architecture, building and everything that goes with it inspire Herbert Bruhin again and again. With every order he not only pricks the pencil, but also the ears to capture all requirements and wishes. Designer puts this into practice with dedication: ideas become space, functions take shape. Materials, colors and their effects are important. And this from facade design to furniture design. Herbert Bruhin lives and works in Siebnen on Lake Zurich. He recharges his batteries in nature and gets inspiration when traveling or visiting cities. Designer would like to have more free walls for art or more space for furniture  or preferably both.

MUWI Architektur

MUWI Architektur are thinkers and makers. Each project speaks for itself — from private residences, to city apartments, hotels, restaurants and Spa. Each customer is a new challenge. Studio tries to understand and convert the philosophy and identity of international clients. Architecture is their business and passion, and they attend every assignment with the same accuracy. MUWI Architektur listen carefully to customers and develop the most economical and architecturally the best solutions.


In 1993, she opened Tamara’s Design in Rougemont (near Gstaad) in partnership with her mother. Tamara’s Design specializes in luxury and contemporary chalet in Gstaad Valley and also decorate luxury villas and residential interiors along Lake Geneva. Her activities included, also, setting up three in-store boutiques for the french designer Catherine Memmi.
Tamara’s Design specializes in elegantly modern, but cozy nevertheless. Her team of highly skilled craftsmen, her eye for detail and her desire to execute design of the highest quality, all combine to create Interiors to an exemplary standard.


Idea, cleverness and real sensitivity make it possible to provide relevant answers to clients requests, optimize space and create harmonious interiors. It is important to adapt the concept, layout and decoration to requested rhythm and lifestyle. The work of studio is illustrated by simple and pure lines where they favor the essential: volumes, light and comfort.
Experience and attention to detail allow Stephanie Kasel Interiors to best direct clients to a high quality project and to build a functional, elegant and refined space.


COMME A LA MAISON was born in the legendary Boulevard de Grancy in Lausanne in 2000. Historically in decoration and interior architecture, the desire to create his own shop was realized and quickly won great success.
“Create a harmonious soul between a place and those who live there”
His creation, his ideas, his thoroughness and his respect for requirements have enabled him to work in numerous private residences, hotels, restaurants and shops. His concern to combine comfort, functionality and the magic of the place operated. The store has grown and over the years has become a renowned boutique with many brands.

Dasha Interior Design

To summarize our sellection of best Swiss interior designers we present Dasha Interior Design, who’s roots came from Russia. At Dasha Interior Design they believe that functionality, style and value can co-exist in harmony. The team of architects and interior design experts work on residential and commercial projects around the world – using their in-depth knowledge of lighting, layout, customized furniture, quality materials and project management to create truly stunning spaces for leisure and work.

Studio have developed a finely-tuned touch for design – developed over many years. They combine own experience and design know-how with the needs of clients to create truly unique spaces. Regardless of where you live and the type of property you own, they work with a team of industry experts to create unique homes and offices that reflect company’s professional design ideas, mixed with client own tastes and preferences.

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