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Decorate a neutral bedroom with colourful details

Decorate a neutral bedroom with colourful details

As your number one sanctuary and place of rest after a hard day, you want your space to feel calm and relaxing and colour is often the best way to achieve this. Neutral bedroom shades such as of white, cream, brown, burnt orange, grey, tan and beige are some of the best colours to use as it gives you a clean and tranquil base that naturally feels light and airy.

Earthy neutrals in bedroom bringing a refined and soothing quality to the space. Introduce tones of mushroom brown for an earthy feel and complete a decoration with a few bright accents. Moody blues colour creates calming shades that induce a state of relaxation and security, while red carmine shades bring enough warmth and pizazz to keep the design interesting and well-balanced. These accents of colour can be incorporated in throw pillows, lamps, artwork, or within an area rug.

Beige tones are feeling impersonal and therein laid its true magic. It is a colour that gives you plenty of flexibility both in terms of style and design. You need not worry about accent hues that might not fit in with its overall presence as beige is welcoming as a smart backdrop. Today, we take a look at bedroom interior design in beige tones, accented with golden brass and light brown leather. Luxurious materials like brass is the design trend that turns any bedroom decor more interesting, and more like a place where you want to spend time. Light brown leather buttoned pouf brings a sense wealth and luxury into a design aesthetic for bedroom decoration.

Neutral brown tones is making its way back into interiors as a warmer alternative to the grey tones that have dominated our homes for the last few years. Khaki is practical. Cognac is luxurious, and sienna is earthy. Sepia tones take on a nostalgic quality. Brown shades and tones will work good for people who are craving more coziness in their homes.  At the same time blue accents bring about a level of intrigue, like the armchair that sits across from the bed with blue pillows and is completing with a blue cosy bench to keep the colour theme consistent.

There is nothing wrong with adding splashes of excitement. You can bring in passionate feng shui energy (found in red, pink and purple colors) with small accessories and details.. Match a dramatic red accent pouf with anoter piece of furniture, for exemple pillows.

Rain-cloud greys are confirmed as a staple to deliver multifunctional style across interiors. The range will grow warmer and more nuanced in upcoming seasons, allowing for sophisticated colour play.
Use clever styling to promote this trans seasonal shade and add some interesting accent, for example marble table lamps. Few materials create an immediate sense of luxury quite like marble. Don’t be afraid to invest in a statement piece of marble furniture. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still looking high-end.

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