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Eclectic Interiors of Living Room with Personality

Eclectic Interiors of Living Room with Personality


Eclectic interior is an elegant mixture of styles, subordinated to a common idea. In living room that decorated in this style – classics are combined with postmodernism, as well as antique décor is juxtaposed with ultra-modern gizmos. Harmony in such a room is achieved by combining directions in something similar and having common features. As an interior design, eclecticism suits to people who are carried away, versatile, loving to travel and prefer unconventional solutions in the design of home space.

Eclecticism appeared when designers could not come up with something radically new and all the time rested on the need to borrow some features from already existing styles. That is why eclecticism is so multicomponent. In your living room, you can combine features of several styles at once – this is precisely the main sign of eclecticism.

Eclecticism gives complete freedom of self-expression. When you will arranging a living room, the combination of style directions entirely depends on your preferences. Some details can be introduced into the interior only because of their form, not functionality.

While choosing the decoration style of the living room, you can focus on eclecticism, regardless of the amount planned to spend for the interior arrangement. It is allowed to use both rich decor and a more modest, economical option.

When decorating an eclectic interior, you can use any materials that are not even compatible with each other: stone and glass, iron and wood, textiles and mirror. In this case, they are usually guided by the principle that should be used the maximum number of possible variations .

When decorating the walls in the living room, you can use the most eye-catching and vibrant colors or opt for neutral shades. Even the complete absence of any wall decoration is allowed. The latter option will allow you to emphasize decorative elements and pieces of furniture of an interesting and non-standard shape.

In eclecticism, the form is more significant than the essence of the object. This means that the furniture and decorative elements collected in such a living room can come from different styles and are unlikely to be combined with each other in another environment.

Furniture for decorating a living room in eclectic style can be chosen in the most bizarre shapes and unexpected colours. For the interior of living room choose sofas and armchairs, decorated with fringes, buttons and tassels, with lush upholstery made of fabrics of deep colours. Furniture items are supplied with low legs, tripods or castors.

The eclectic interior is ideal for those who like to travel and bring interesting trinkets from different places of the world. There is a place for such souvenirs in the living room. The main thing is that they fit into the overall style, being bright and unusual. Such accessories will become the main accent in the interior and will emphasize the ability of the owner to think outside of the box.

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