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Happy Places: Stories about rediscovering home during COVID-19 lockdown

“Happy Places: Stories about rediscovering home” is a compilation of 8 compelling and simple testimonials about rediscovering home as a positive outcome from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Portugal’s president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, declared a state of emergency for the first time on March 19, citing the need to enable the health authorities to go further in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The state of emergency ended on 2 May at midnight. And Portugal began to open up with small steps. Portugal’s State of Emergency lockdown ended. Now, Portuguese people are living a situation of Calamity. Home became a safe harbour for comfort and safety.

We asked to 8 Portuguese personalities about their new routines at home and hos is living between 30 and 45 days of lockdown. All of them rediscovered home. Take a look.

Happy Places: Stories about rediscovering home during COVID-19 lockdown

Cláudia Jacques

Due to this unusual situation we are currently living, our houses became an even more special place in our lives. We can do almost everything without leaving home, for sure.

We can work, socialise with friends, travelling across the world through so many fantastic films, series and programs that television has to offer us.

Cristina Ferreira

More than ever, we are realizing the dimension of our home. The fact of being so important in our lives and how we have to feel it as our home, our nest, the place where we are happy.

We are already tired of looking at the same things. Why not take the opportunity to redecorate our home decors a little bit? Laskasas can help.

Gio Rodrigues

Laskasas invited me to talk about a special place in my house. And here I am, presenting a place with your (Laskasas) decoration with other functions than the traditional ones. This is not a place from home but the cosy nook that I have in my atelier.

Inês Simões

Hello everyone. In this pandemic times that we are living, I’ve been giving new functions to this small corner of my living room, decorated by Laskasas.

Thank you Laskasas for this initiative and invitation. And I would love to make a challenge to all of you. Share with us your places in your home with new functions since this situation we are living. This is my place and it is my new office. Thank you.

Olívia Ortiz

I’ve been trying to reinvent the spaces here at home because it’s already over 40 days of social confinement. And if staying at home during this pandemic crisis we are living is crucial, feeling good at home is also important.

This is my new home corner and where a lot happens. We make some meals here and now it’s also my home office. I work here with my laptop and its these little details that help us to improve productivity and motivation. This is my Laskasas corner.

Ricardo Pereira

The truth is that life is teaching us to live differently. Our house has changed a lot. Our dining table is an office for Francisca and me, and a school for children. The sofa is now used for physical exercises and I have been using it a lot.

his moment will pass, we all will be fine, and soon we will share other stories (stories from other places) and really appreciate what matters. I am happy to have a comfortable and practical home, a Laskasas home. Take care.

Vanessa Alfaro

More than ever, we value the comfort of our home. We have been spending a lot of time in every room of our house in the last month, but especially in our living room. It’s so comfortable. The sofa is now the place where we watch series, laugh, sometimes have dinner, do a lot of physical exercises and read.

We will have again the opportunity to share our home with family and friends. Until then, I will continue to enjoy our home and our Laskasas living room. Stay safe. A big kiss.

Vítor Baía

My friends, Laskasas sent me a challenge: what is the place in our house that we rediscovered during the quarantine? Just imagine an apron. But it is not for cooking. Cooking is with Andreia, and very well.

My job is to wash the dishes. I’ve never washed so many dishes and this is where I spend most of my time. Can you imagine? Send us the videos that you have rediscovered in your homes so we can share this experience together. Kisses to everybody.

Rediscovering Home: The Full Story

Feel free to share your happy places with us. We would love to know how you are rediscovering your home and what is the most important place on it.

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