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Inside LuxDeco: The “Net-a-Porter of interiors”

LuxDeco is luxury home shoppers best friend. This leading luxury interiors platform is changing the way people design and shop for their homes. Laskasas and Domkapa are two Portuguese furniture brands available in the platform defined as the “Net-a-Porter of interiors” by the Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph.

LuxDeco: The “Net-a-Porter of interiors”

Who are you?

LuxDeco is an industry disruptor providing an enjoyable and seamless journey for luxury home shoppers — from discovery to purchase— through customised suggestions, an unparalleled product offering and responsive customer service.

Our international clientele have access to hundreds of the world’s leading interior brands, including:

We have delivered tens of thousands of products to customers in more than 60 countries since we were founded in 2012.

We’re redefining the luxury interior design experience, helping people around the world to live beautifully

What is your style?

That’s impossible for us to say! We prefer not to have a particular style because it really would be too difficult to choose. When the design world is full of so much inspiration, why limit yourself?

We work with so many people whose styles we admire and who, we believe, contribute so much to the interior design narrative. Through our buying team, we have the privilege of working with brands from all areas of the interior design industry and from all over the world, and our design studio and trade teams are always working on diverse projects at any given time — from London townhouses to French chalets, Middle Eastern palaces and beyond. We work in all areas and with all styles so, rather than having a favourite style, we prioritise quality and beauty.

Main inspirations?

There are so many — great interiors from history and their iconic designers, architecture, different cultures and travel, art, theatre, museums, beautiful furniture design, floral design, culinary trends, books… The list goes on!

The latest 3 projects signed by LuxDeco?

A lot of our recent projects have kept us, coincidentally, close to home, including a Grade II-listed townhouse in Knightsbridge, London, a riverside apartment along the Thames and an apartment in Regent’s Park. They were all wonderful, but we just had the photos back from the Knightsbridge project and it turned out beautifully.

We appreciate being able to work with such special buildings and we always seek to honour their history with designs that are in keeping with their spirit. So for a London townhouse like this one, the look is elegant, timeless and composed. For a Mediterranean resort (another of our past projects), it’s much more casual, very relaxing and more connected to nature.

Current projects?

LuxDeco is currently working on a grand country estate just outside of London. We were commissioned first as senior collaborators and then eventually to be the designers so we’ve really been intimately involved in its development from the beginning. The property itself is 18,000 square feet so that’s a huge undertaking, in and of itself, but we’ve also been involved in the extensive landscape design too. It’s due for completion in 2021.

Additionally, we’re about to start working on a 16,000 square foot villa in Dubai which is really exciting.

We’ve worked out in the Middle East a lot before and we find it to be a great place to explore really unique, modern design.

What interior design is all about?

Interior design is the understanding that interiors matter. They matter because they influence how we feel, how we act, and how we live, every single day.

Studies have shown that we spend around 90% of our lives indoors these days. We think that’s a lot of time to be surrounded by bad interior design! We don’t want that for our clients. We want to give them more.

Interior design & luxury interior design

But we also don’t want to simply create good interiors. That’s the difference between interior design and luxury interior design. By specialising in this type of design, we fulfill our ultimate commitment to our clients: to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Whether that’s faultless finishes and exquisite materials or the absence of excess and a focus on raw craftsmanship, capturing the extraordinary for our clients is what drives us.

What is your favourite interior design story?

Our favourite story is always the last design we complete. Each project takes on a life and personality of its own and, since we work on projects for so long, we find ourselves becoming so familiar with every aspect of that personality. Some days a project might not be very well-behaved, let’s just put it that way, and other days it’s wonderful. But we love that about our projects—they challenge us. And, of course, it’s so exciting to see a project all finished and handed over to the client. Their responses make the effort worth it.

Interior design is the understanding that interiors matter

Inside LuxDeco: The “Net-a-Porter of interiors”


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