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Laskasas has arrived to the Dominican Republic!

Unique handmade furniture

If you visit, live or are planning to live in Punta Cana, more specifically the Bavaro region, you’ll find your new home décor and furniture shop. Timeless contemporary design, with an unmistakable touch of sophistication.

Décor projects that suit you

From our production facility in Portugal, where you can also find Laskasas stores all over the country (as well as in Marbella and Angola), we’re able to customize every single detail to suit your taste. To visualize how your décor will look like, our 3D designers will make a ultra realistic 3D projection of the final result, based on photos and blueprints.

Our Services

Bespoke Furniture

From the moment you got the keys to your new house, Laskasas is able to take it from there. Our team is versed in creating unique décors that bring out the best of the space’s architectural features. You can choose from a vast array of fabrics and finishes, ranging from marble to wood, from velvet to leather.

3D Decor Projects

Taking the guesswork out of furnishing can be invaluable help for the busy person who still praises a homy feel in all of their addresses. Laskasas’ interior design projects are 3D rendered and offer an unique insight, almost a peek into the future. With advanced lighting techniques and attention to detail, the final result will be very close to real.

360 Interior Design Service

In collaboration with our professionals, or by trusting us with most of the proceedings, Laskasas is the partner you never knew you wanted. We are able to create a new look from scratch, or match the idea you already had in mind. Visit and get to know us better.

Our address

Cormont Plaza 2 km. 3.5,
Boulevard turístico del Este, local nº 2,
Bavaro, Punta Cana
Republica Dominicana

Contact us

+1 (829) 346-1082