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Laskasas and Netflix’s Largest Production Ever

The latest action movie produced by the streaming service is called 6Underground and has a Portuguese presence. The major production features Laskasas after the brand’s furniture is used to decorate a luxury apartment, part of the film’s set in Italy, one of three different countries in which the filming took place.

Laskasas on Netflix's Largest Production Ever

The movie 6Underground is produced by the king of explosions, non-other than the great Michael Bay, also responsible for other legendary movies such as Transformers, Armageddon and Bad Boys. The responsibility of the big-budget Hollywood expectations while living up to the reputation of Portuguese furniture has made the brand’s pride in this collaboration even larger.

“It was an honor and a sign of recognition to have been contacted for the production of a blockbuster this size” the brand says, while also underscoring Laskasas’ joy “in representing and opening doors to Portugal on one of the most visible platforms worldwide.”


Premiering globally on December 13, this movie features Ryan Reynolds and Dave Franco in a fine cast selection resulting in a budget of around $150 million, the biggest one yet for Netflix. Check out some images of the movie set:




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