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Minimalist living room-dining room project by Lopeseco Design Studio

Living room-dining room project

This undeniably gorgeous living room-dining room project with Lopeseco Design Studio signature is perfectly suited for the way we live today. Discover this open-plan space with clever furniture placement and flexible zones for dining and living.

How to get a minimalist living room-dining room?

  • Always simple, never boring. This was Lopeseco Design Studio’s motto for this new interior design project with Laskasas furniture. André Lopeseco is a Luxembourg interior designer based and created this residential project as a contemporary minimal room, mixing old and new.


  • Minimalism calls for clutter-free spaces and thoughtful curation. When done right, minimalism creates calming and clean spaces without being boring.


  • This interior design style gets beautifully with big spaces and muted colours. In this project, the white walls are combined with muted colours and high-end finishes. The simplicity of the monochrome palettes contrasts with the dynamism of materials like velvet and wood.

The “living room”


The “dining room”


Lopeseco Design Studio

Born 1989 in Luxembourg, André Lopeseco is a luxembourgish multidisciplinary creative designer with a sensitive look at the diversity of the world, inspired by the materials and shapes at the crossroads of contemporain art, minimalist architecture and design.

A colourful inspiration from experiences and encounters that pushes him not to stop at the surface of things, but to emphasize all detal that tells a story.

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