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Sneak Peek Inside EDIT Interior Design Studio: That`s STYLE

It’s official. EDIT is one of Ireland’s most envelope-pushing interior design studios. In this arcticle we will provide you a trip through this unique office co-funded by Nathalie Vos and Justina Gruzdyte in 2018. Discover our exclusive interview with EDIT interior design studio.

EDIT interior design studio

Who are you?

EDIT is an Interior Design Studio co-founded by Nathalie Vos and JustinaGruzdyte in 2018 in the beautiful town of Kenmare on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. Our philosophy is simple: design should be useful, meaningful, and should enrich our happiness and well-being.

What is your style?

Our style in one word is Eclecticism.

Designing with this in mind allows for limitless possibilities of mixing elements from different styles and different eras to create something that is truly original and unique. Trends come and go and we try to avoid following these trends, focussing instead on style and a clients’ specific needs.

Main inspirations?

Every project starts with a concept. A vision. It might be quite abstract at the beginning, just a collection of inspirational images, but then slowly that vision turns into colours and materials.

We strongly believe that the interior has to be in symbiosis with the outside surroundings. Our inspiration is always drawn from the observation of surrounding buildings, historic references and nature.

The latest project signed by edit design studio?

Our latest project, completed just before the COVID-19 outbreak, was the Private Lounge at Kerry Airport, Ireland. The brief was to create a sophisticated yet tranquil space for people to relax in-between their flights.

We used Harry sofas from Laskasas to create the luxury feel of private jet interiors. The rich leather scent evokes memories of the best moments in life, it comforts and excites at the same time, being so primitive, so natural, and again so sensual.⁠

Current projects?

Currently we are working on a family home extension, and also the refurbishment of a home for a retired couple, both outside the town of Kenmare, Ireland. Even though the brief for each project is different, the fundamental goal remains the same – personalised family space that enriches people’s lives and well-being.

What interior design is all about?

To answer the question: What interior design is all about? …we like to quote Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works”.

Edit Design Studio really listens and understands their clients, as to do so, is more important in design than focusing purely on the aesthetics. We design spaces around emotional, physical and aspirational needs.

What is your favourite interior design story?

We have recently completed a lovely ‘Home Away from Home’ project, overlooking Kenmare Bay, with a beautiful garden. Before we began working on the nine-month project, we always thought the house had a lovely feel about it, but it was definitely of its time. It was stuck in the 1990s, pine everywhere from the floors and ceiling to the walls and staircase. The whole interior had a very orange glow.

Upon completion of this project, we were offered publication in an interiors magazine. As it turned out the photographer, who was commissioned to photograph the project, was a friend of ours. Apparently, she and her husband had looked at purchasing this property before it was sold to the current owners, but decided not to buy it as they could not see the full potential of it. She couldn’t believe the transformation when she walked into the house… She has told us that they really regret not realising the power of design and how it can change spaces. This was one of the most encouraging compliments ever!




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