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Tips from Laskasas: How to choose modern furniture for showrooms

Tips from Laskasas: How to choose modern furniture for showrooms

The style for each environment creates furniture. And the right choice of pieces arrangements will lead you to your future design. Discreet colors and laconic decor of modern furniture create a cozy welcoming interior, where everyone will find comfort and relaxation, at the same time, bright statement pieces bring to the client emotional connection with decoration. How to choose modern furniture for showrooms and not be mistaken? Here are some tips!

Choose the right tone

There are a few main approaches of choosing a right shade: buying pieces in the tone of the surfaces of the room will create a uniform, visually neutral environment for relaxation. Such an interior also is easy to make brighter by adding details in contrasting colors.


Contrasting furniture of a bright color can become the accent of the room that attracts the attention of the guests. Bright upholstery, catchy facades can quickly tire, therefore it is better to use them moderately. For example, a sofa with sacramento green upholstery looks good in the room with beige walls, if the other pieces are matched between each other with the same tone.

Stylized furniture is used as an accessory to complement the room, made in neutral colors. If the showroom decorated in the same style, then new pieces should be combined with it or be neutral.

Experiment with style


The combination of different styles in one room will create a catchy interior. To maintain harmony, several rules must be taken into account: colors combine well with each other if they have equal saturation and temperature. It is better to complement contrasting color shades with neutral ones, so that the interior looks more soft. Stylized pieces of furniture are best placed in the center of the interior, and basic storage solutions are in the background.

Materials with different textures are well combined with each other. For example, a deep buttoning upholstery is a classic technique that is easy to integrate into modern style. If the table has nickel combined with tinted glass or a marble countertop with high and metal legs, the interior will turn out to be voluminous and diverse. By the way, Laskasas is developing not just furniture, but ready-made collections and sets that you can easily connect to almost any existent interior.

Choose bright pieces

As an example: you can choose bright armchairs. Armchairs in the interior can duplicate the design of the sofa or radically differ in color and shape  there are no strict rules here. If you choose contrasting chairs, decorative pillows will help to combine the composition. To make the furniture group look softer, choose models with high legs  their shape can be repeated in other interior items, from pouffe to dining table.

Stylish storage units

If your clients prefer a modern look for their living rooms, then storage furniture with a clean uncomplicated line in your showroom is essential. TV cabinets, sideboards and other storage units for living room keep all electronics and entertainment knick-knacks in one neat and convenient location! With affordable range of sleek storage units, your clients will be happy to find the perfect contemporary piece for their stylish home.

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