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Top 5 best interior designers from Russia

Top 5 best interior designers from Russia

For this article we have chosen the best Russian interior designers, hoping to facilitate the discovery of your next favorite interior designer. Through a carefull selection, we have compiled a top 5 list of professional and dedicated experts who are on the rise in this competitive market.


After graduating from the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, the dynamic Ananiev duo joined the Commonwealth of Artists and British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).
In the year 2005, they where awarded the “Zolotoe Sechenie” award in architecture, in the category of “Interior Design”

Currently teaching in the “Detali” school of interior design and in the British High School of Design, theyr projects have been published in numerous prestiged interior design and architecture magazines, such as Vogue», «AD», «Elle decor», «Interior + Design», «Mezonin» and «InStyle».
The duo doesn`t stop there however, having theyr recent projects published in No 10, 12, 13 and 14 of «Andrew Martin Interior Design Review», a magazine that focuses on Londons annual digest of the best projects on the field of interior design

Olympia Arefieva

A graduate of St. Petersburg State Academic University, where she firstly dwelled in the field of architecture, Olympiada has an excellent academic base, wich she improved upon by developing her decorating skills in the Details school-studio. As a result of her education, Olympiada is well versed in the subtelties of designing interiors, resulting in modern designs and interiors characterized by theyr restrained color schemes. She has been working under the brand name of the Well Done Interiors studio, wich she herself founded. Always making sure to personally conduct all of the teams projects, Olympiada`s work comes from her base belief that to achieve a real author`s interior, the dialogue between the client and the designer is of foresmost importance.

Ilya Klimov and Elena Solovyova

Ilya Klimov and Elena Solovyova base theyr work on a simple philosophy: avoid repetition. This idea has been proeminent in the work of theyr bureau, wich, at the time this article is being written, is thirteen years old and still going strong. Never turning down new challenges, they take on projects of all sizes: from tinny coffee shops and jewelry boutiques to large estates and retail spaces. Another aspect that elevates Ilya Klimov and Elena Solovyova is theyr ability to not only design a spaces interior, but to also develop a design concept that includes packaging and fonts (as seen, for exemple, in theyr éclair shop project, “Claire”). Elena and Ilya -who both graduated from MGHPA- stand out for theyr subtle work when it comes to color, ans aspect that is responsible for the mood and atmosphere of theyr projects, usually resulting on a cheerfull and shiny space, regardless of what is going on on the outside of the buildings they have designed.

Nina Tseleva, Andrei Sidorkevich and Dmitry Rozov

This trio, who currently works together at the Buro Artforma company, organize theyr work by aplying the principle of separation of powers to theyr company: Nina handles the organizational issues, while Andrei and Dmitry are engaged in the creative part. The projects developed by this team are logical and functional, making full use of interesting planing solutions alongside author`s furniture. Although they often find themselves working on modern interiors, the trio finds pleasure in working on older buildings, trying to keep the original details intact, because they value higly showing respect fot the place`s history, seeing it has key to the success of this type of projects. Comunicating with the world through instagram, theyr work can be seen in all the three fases there: gathering inspiration, developing the project, and of course, the finished masterpiece.

Olesya Sitnikova

This architect, who has the honor of being the founding mother of the Bureau Arch.Predmet, adheres to the principle of effective design. Although and interesting design ideia is an extremely important part of any architecture or interior design project, so are all the necessary calculations, wich come with the added benefit of providing the client with a three dimensional pre-visualization of the project. Among the russian`s projects, it is possible to find a balance between the interior and the panorama of the city surrounding the building.

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