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Top 6 Interior Designers in Japan


The top 6 interior designers in Japan selected by the Laskasas team are responsible for several projects. From cosy restaurant interiors to futuristic concrete houses, you can find everything. Japan is one of the biggest design markets in whe world, spotlighting the unique combination of contemporary architecture with traditional and luxury concepts as the Wabi-Sabi philosophy.

Artistic approaches, minimalistic design, bold styles and tranquil styles. Japanese interior design and architecture studios are among the best in the world as top firms. Discover this unique world of creativity, innovation and tradition.

Top 6 interior designers in Japan

1. FujiwaraMuro Architects

Shintaro Fujiwara and Yoshio Muro are the two leading architects of the FujiwaraMuro Architects studio. This Japanese architecture firm is focused on designing small homes with great views.

From concrete homes to exaggerated roofs and transparent buildings, this Japanese studio allies contemporary aesthetic with an accurate sense of harmony and environment.

Explore some of the most know projects of this studio:

2. Kanji Ueki

With a portfolio spread all over the world, Kanji Ueki is best-known for high-end commercial projects. As an interior designer and founder of Cassapo & Associates, it is recognised for the minimalistic aesthetic and the integration of natural materials.

From the sculpture-like wooden furniture to the usage of bamboo and hardwoods, Ueki has been winning architecture and interior design awards in the last four decades.

3. Koichi Futatsumata

Sustainability is the biggest concern of Futatsumata interior design projects. Specialised in product design, Koichi Futatsumata develops stunning monochromatic, simple and clean interiors.

4. Tokujin Yoshioka

Interior design, architecture and contemporary art. These are the three major worlds of Yoshioka. Well-known for the futuristic, airy and retro style, this “next generatio designer” creaes mainly commercial projects. Among the clients, there are brands as Peugeot and Hermes.

5. Shinichiro Ogata

Founded on Japan’s heritage of traditional techniques and sensibilities, SIMPLICITY interior design studio creates contemporary spaces and offers a refined and enriching way of life.

Shinichiro is the founder of Simplicity. His work is focused on environmentally sustainable design and traditional Japanese fundamentals.

6. Shiro Kuramata

Described as a fusion between occidental designs and oriental styles, Kuramata interior design projects are among the most celebrated and recognised in this industry.

Responsible for creating beautiful spaces, futuristic projects and practical designs, Shiro Kuramata is one of the most important names of the Japanese designers of the 20th century