Pictor Home Office: Furniture Ideas to Inspire You While You Work

Finding the motivation to get to work can be a challenge, but we are pretty sure it wouldn’t be a problem if your home office looked amazing as the Pictor Home Office. Prepare yourself to roll up your sleeves and start working. Inspiring designs, soft surfaces, ample sunlight and extra comfortable furniture all together in one set. Find out these home office ideas we’ve prepared to you and you will want to work all day.


Pictor Home Office

Home office must be a place where inspiration flows and allows you to get down to business. To achieve this, you won’t need only a charming decor but also comfortable furniture, natural light, cosy textures and warm colour schemes.

For many years, home offices have been neglected but in the last decade we have seen a revolution in this area. Now, home offices are a unique opportunity to be creative and fresh.

Pictor Home office, a small space of heaven decor, is an example of this mindset change. Full of leather details, this material is present on the beige armchairs, on the camel office chair and on the top of the desk.

Leather enriches the decor while maintaining the comfort you need to work.


Taking a closer look at every piece on this decor, you can notice the wrought iron finishes they feature. This type of material gives just the touch of roughness this office needs to balance with the soft color choice.

Trendy, fresh, fashionable and functional. These are four adjectives that fit perfectly the style of Laskasas home offices. The most important thing is to reflect your personality without sacrafying comfort and sophistication.

From the eye-cathing Franklin table lamp to the chic Rosie desk, our home office furniture ideas give a luxurious touch combined with a professional feel.

Get the look:

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