Top 5 best interior designers from Russia, Laskasas Selection

Top 5 best interior designers from Russia

Get ready for the best interior designers from Russia!
We choose ones of the best Russian interior designers, hoping you’ll find out your next favorite interior designer as well. Buckle up and come with us to find out the best interior designers that are sure to shine even brighter on next years.


Graduates of Stroganov Moscow State university of industrial and applied arts
Members of Commonwealth of Artists and British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)
Nadya Ananiev[a] is the alumnus of “Detali” school of interior design of the year 2002.
Prizewinners of “Zolotoe Sechenie” award in architecture in the category of “Interior Design” in the year 2005.
Nadya and Givi Ananiev are the teachers in “Detali” school of interior design and British High School of Design.
Their design project are published in “Vogue», «AD», «Elle decor», «Interior + Design», «Mezonin», «InStyle».
Recent projects are published in No 10,12, 13 and 14 of «Andrew Martin Interior Design Review», London annual digest of the best projects on interior design.

Well Done Interiors

Graduate of St. Petersburg State Academic University named after I.E. Repina and the architect by first education, Olimpiada has an excellent academic base, and studied decorating skills at the Details school-studio. Olimpiada knows the subtleties well. We have modern designs and interiors in a restrained color scheme. Since 2007, she has been working under the brand name of the Well Done Interiors studio that she founded. At the same time, Olimpiada is one of those designers who personally conducts all their projects and believes that it is in the dialogue between the client and the designer that a real author’s interior is born.

Art Bureau 1/1

In their work, Ilya Klimov and Elena Solovyova try not to repeat themselves  this is what is reflecting in the name of their bureau, which is already thirteen years old. They take projects of all sizes: from tiny coffee shops and jewelry boutiques to estates and large retail spaces. Moreover, they can not only design them, but also develop a design concept that includes packaging and fonts (this was, for example, with the éclair shop “Claire”). Elena and Ilya are graduates of the MGHPA named after S. G. Stroganov and work very subtly with color  it is responsible for the mood and atmosphere in their projects: they often turn out to be cheerful and sunny regardless of what happens outside the window.

Buro Artforma

In bureau applies the principle of separation of powers: Nina Tseleva deals with organizational issues, and Andrei Sidorkevich and Dmitry Rozov are engaged in the creative part. Trio projects are also logical and functional  with interesting planning solutions and author’s furniture. They make modern interiors, but they also work with big pleasure in the old foundation, where they try to keep the original details, because they consider respect for the place and history a necessary condition for a successful project. They like to communicate with the world through instagram, in which they show not only finished projects, but also the process of work, as well as share sources of inspiration.

Bureau Arch. Predmet

The studio, founded in 2011 by the architect Olesya Sitnikova, adheres to the principle of effective design. All that is needed is not only an interesting design idea, but also all the necessary calculations: the client will definitely need three-dimensional visualization, the economic feasibility of all decisions. Among the studio’s projects, it is possible to find a balance between the interior and the panorama of the city outside the window

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