8 Upholstered Pieces For Your Cushioned Comfort

8 Upholstered Pieces For Your Cushioned Comfort

Driven by the desire for comfort and relaxation, well selected upholstered pieces encourage mindful nesting.

Warm, soothing and plush upholstered furniture heightening the cosy aesthetic. And calming tones transforming interiors into self-care sanctuaries, while upbeat hues bring energy.

1. Miuzza sofa

Miuzza sofa brings comfort, happiness and glamour to the interior. This contemporary coach fully upholstered in exquisite velvet fabric is the new focal point of interior design projects. Inspired by the Art Deco silhouettes, this plush velvet sofa is versatile enough to be well-paired with just about any design style.

2. Steph armchair

Steph armchair is a classic lounge chair with a mid-century style. The metallic structure evokes and provokes an undeniable bohemian twist with the upholstered body giving a luxury touch.

3. Chanel Sofa

Chanel sofa is an exuberant sofa for its undeniable elegance and charm. This extremely comfortable modern sofa with clean lines is a three-seat upholstered seating piece hemmed with a line of studs on its edges. A minimalist furniture design that fits any living room look.

4. Xangai Armchair

Xangai armchair is an Avant-Garde seating piece for cosmopolitan homes. A comfort masterpiece fully upholstered with four wood legs. Xangai is a classic chic piece that combines the luxury touch with a strong design, ideal for vibrant living room decors.

5. Cosy Sofa

Cosy sofa is perfect for small spaces like home offices, reading nooks, stairway landings and foyers. This epitome of elegance is fully upholstered in smooth fabric, supported by wooden legs with lacquered details. Cosy is a feminine touch to your living room decor. A sublime silhouette with simple lines for maximum comfort. Available in two or three seaters.

6. Cole Armchair

Vintage details adds a modern feeling to the Cole armchair. A wooden structure seating piece with a retro pattern design and high armrests. The arms attached to the back made of straw gives a sense of continuity. Conceived from an elegant interpretation of armchairs classics, Cole features a discreet sophistication with the finest upholstery for a touch of luxury that fits any room.

7. New York Armchair

New York armchair is a tribute to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world: New York. Like its breathtaking skyscrapers, this elegant chair features a high back that gives the feeling of continuity. A comfortable wingback chair for your living room set.

8. Stewart Sofa

Stewart sofa is the perfect addition to thoroughly contemporary living rooms. This sofa is great to be mixed with neutral tones or to be a sober focal point in sublime spaces. With a classic silhouette and soft touch, Stewart provides a sculptural shape to any decor.

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