Create Your Own Haunted House: Halloween Decorating Ideas for 2020

Create Your Own Haunted House: Halloween Decorating Ideas for 2020

Our team choose the best Halloween decorating ideas and tips to drive your Halloween decoration with focus on the A/W 20/21 trend concepts.

Vintage fright

Retro and vintage styles mix with contemporary design for interior that feels nostalgic, family-friendly and a bit crafted.

Vintage fright celebrates retro styles and mixes old-school graphics and icons with contemporary crafts, creating a trend direction. Traditional cat, owl and pumpkin cartoons are shown in desaturated primaries. The mood is analogue, and locates joy within making, doing and playing.

Cute and creepy

You can create the space interior in the middle between the real and the fake, with a focus on mad-scientist-created characters and futuristic settings. Or focus on digitized icons, neon colours and gross-out graphics. Youth-focused, this trend combines elements of rave culture and science fiction for a vibe that’s contemporary and futuristic.

Neon lights and colours are key to cute and creepy decoration, which utilises black lights and lit-from-within pastels. Styling is chaotic and imperfect, exemplified by explosive mounds of balloons and confetti.

Comfort and creative covens

Wellness rituals have a magical touch, with crystals and herbs used for cleansing baths and as decorative details. Simple flowers and branches are paired with intricate crystals and minerals for a mysterious look. Millennial spirituality, wellness trends and an up tick in expressions of a desire for the comforts of home have inspired a modern magical coven. These new witches utilize the power of nature to cast spells and practice self-care rituals. Crystals, herbs and phases of the moon inspire design.

Use elements of nature to create a mystical space. Agate and quartz crystals are scattered across a table or embellish a pumpkin. A dark tablescape is brightened with simple flower arrangements and milky glassware. Magical rituals such as the tarot and palm reading inspire decorative accents.

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