Laskasas presented its New 2018 Collection at Maison et Objet, in the city of lights, with pieces that promise to complete any room decor with style and comfort.

Full of personality, this new collection represents the Portuguese heritage but still keeping the international trends. Warm colors and metallic details reign every piece in order to make your home decor shine.

Be inspired by our stand and discover every piece from the collection.

Armchair Gordon


Suspension Lamp Andy

Side Table Megan

Coffee Table Megan

TV Base Boris

Sofá Jean

Cadeirão-verde-com-pés-em-nogueira (1)

Armchair Isabelle

Bed Miuzza

Lamp Jude

Chest Of Drawers Emily

Bedside Table Emily

Bed Jackson

Candeeiro-em-marmore-com-nickel-preto (2)

Lamp Marcel

comoda-eucalipto-fume-com-inox-dourado (1)

Chest Of Drawers Kira

mesa-de-cabeceira-em-eucalipto-fume-com-inox-dourado-lado-esquerdo.jpg (1)

Bedside Table Kira

Mirror James

pouf-em-eucalipto-em-verde-com-inox-dourado (1)

Pouf Roger

cadeira-em-tecido-verde-com-pés-em-nickel (1)

Chair Louise

Suspension Lamp Janis

Cupboard Stewart

mesa-de-jantar-em-madeira-koto-com-ferro-preto (2)

Dinning Table Mercy

Armchair Donald

Lamp Randolph

Suspension Lamp Randolph

Cupboard Claud

Side Table Mercy

Side Table Sally

Coffee Table D’Arc

base-de-tv-em-eucalipto-fume-com-pés-em-inox-dourado (1)

TV Base Stewart

Armchair Joe

Bed Lauren

Lamp Smith

camiseiro-alto-cinza-bronze (1)

Chest of Drawers Hilary

Bedside Table Hilary

Sideboard Claud

Chair Simone

Suspension Lamp Meredith

Dinning Table Alison

Lamp Marcel

Console Niels

Mirror Phill

pouf-em-pele-base-em-cobre (3)

Pouf Mike

Lamp Quentin

Console Pearl

Mirror Rod

Pouf René

Lamp Sharon

Console Anthony

Sideboard Boris

Chair Loren

Wall Lamp Dave

Suspension Robert

louceiro-eucalipto-fume-com-estrutura-em-cobre (1)

Cupboard Boris

Dinning Table Pearl

Armchair Cole

Wall Lamp Lord

Candeeiro Miles

Side Table Tracy

Coffee Table Mercy

base-tv-cinza-em-koto-com-nickel (1)

TV Base Antoine

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