Materials and Finishes Catalogue

Laskasas offers over 100 customization options, so you can create unique pieces for your projects and meet your clients’ expectations.

Welcome to our world of materials: endless combinations of fabrics, metals, woods, glasses, lacquers and mirrors.


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    Discover some of the materials and finishes available to customize your projects’ furniture pieces.

    Black Flower
    Emperador Dark
    Nero Marquina
    Rosso Levanto
    Verde Issorie
    Matte Carrara
    Matte Emperador Dark
    Matte Nero Marquina
    Polished Carrara
    Polished Emperador Dark
    Polished Nero Marquina
    Bronze Glass
    Bronze Mirror
    Gris Glass
    Gris Mirror
    Bege Grey Glossy
    Bege Grey Matte
    Black Glossy
    Black Matte
    Dark Green Glossy
    Dark Green Matte
    Deep Blue Glossy
    Deep Blue Matte
    Light Grey Glossy
    Light Grey Matte
    Moka Glossy
    Moka Matte
    White Glossy
    White Matte
    Brushed Stainless Steel
    Copper Polished Stainless Steel Glossy
    Copper Polished Stainless Steel Matte
    Gold Brushed Stainless Steel Matte
    Gold Polished Stainless Steel Glossy
    Painted Smooth Black Iron Matte
    Painted Smooth White Iron Matte
    Polished Nickel Stainless Steel Glossy
    Polished Nickel Stainless Steel Matte
    Polished Stainless Steel
    Textured Painted Black Iron Matte
    Textured Painted White Iron Matte
    Black Ash Matte
    Ebony Matte
    Grey Oak Matte
    Natural Oak
    Santos Rosewood Matte
    Walnut Matte
    Ebony Glossy
    Grey Eucalyptus Glossy
    Grey Eucalyptus Matte
    Old / Aged Oak Matte
    Santos Rosewood Glossy
    Smoked Eucalyptus Glossy
    Smoked Eucalyptus Matte
    Smoked Oak Matte
    Walnut Glossy