Porto Apartment

A neutral tonal decoration design with soft color accents

Located in the city of Porto, this apartment incorporates a spirit of lightness and contemporaneity.

With a base of neutral cores, between white and gray, in the living room and dining room, the sophisticated blue populates a part of the decor. In the chairs, in the armchairs, these small appointments make the gray sofa with chaise longue or dining table stand out, where the brightness and lightness create a luminous spirit.

In one of the rooms, the dark gray, though sober, becomes, by its dominance, a passionate and strong color that transports this decoration to an intimate and cared aura.

In the second quarter, a pallet of cores becomes paler, rather than beige and white, on portals like green water details in addition to this decoration. The bedding and a presence of an entrancing armchair add an extra dimension of comfort.

Another design of warm and personalized decoration of the Laskasas, with an attention to the evident detail, in an elegant and full of good taste.