Laskasas Showroom Concept

Laskasas is a Portuguese brand that designs, produces and sells exclusive furniture and upholstery pieces present around the world. Have the unique chance to represent an up-and-coming brand with a distinct flavor and personality.

Discover the 10 reasons why Laskasas should be the next new brand in your showroom!

1. Timeless Designs

Laskasas designs each piece this a clear view of the future without losing the heritage created by the artisans of the past. The result is an undived collection that pays attention to detail as well as comfort and durability.

2. Premium Prices

It’s hard to imagine such timeless designs with great prices as Laskasas can offer. But it’s now a reality, especially with the advantages Laskasas can provide to each client.

3. Handmade Products

Every piece is handmade by experienced artisans in the North of Portugal. The responsibility to live up to and expand the good name of Portuguese furniture keeps the flame alive and pushes us to innovate.

4. Lead Time

Laskasas provides a short lead time. When ordering standard designs, you can have your products ready in 7 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile, if you prefer a customized design you have to wait 8 to 9 weeks to have it.

5. Customizable Designs

Being handmade, Laskasas’ products are totally customizable in dimension, materials, and finishes. At our facilities, we control the woodwork, metalwork and the upholstery so feel free to use your imagination.

6. Be the First

Laskasas is a brand that is now taking its first steps into internationalization. Be the first in your country to showcase pieces like no other and sell exclusive contemporary designs with great quality.

7. Bespoke Furniture

Since every piece is handmade in Portugal, Laskasas has the ability to assist you in designing and producing the products you have envisioned.

8. Marketing Support

Laskasas has a qualified marketing and communication team with experts that will provide you with online and offline content. This way, you are able to have the latest catalogues and HR images to promote Laskasas’ products.

9. Easy Access to Samples

A simple request is all you have to do to have Laskasas’ samples, being them furniture or fabric samples. All the work tools you need, we can provide them easily.

10. Custom Support

A devoted team is waiting for you and will be ready to guide you along the process to help you answer any question or problem you might have.