Made in Portugal

Created in Portugal,
by Portugal

Laskasas furniture and upholstery collections strive to honour and elevate Portuguese heritage of craftsmanship. Made in Portugal represents our stringent quality control process, covering all production stages, from the selection of materials through to the final packaging.

Talent Performing

It all starts with the creative team, influenced by the unique heritage of Portuguese decades of furniture expertise. The contemporary reinterpretation has influences of the Scandinavian functionality, the Italian luxury and the French glamour. Comfort is so important that it hasn’t a nationality or particular roots.

Since the first day that Laskasas has established its reputation as a leading furniture firm for residential, hospitality, restaurant and office customers. Everything is carefully handmade in our warehouse, in Porto district.

Our artisans create different designs for different styles. Classic or modern. Mid-century or minimalist. Chic or cosmopolitan. You name it. We will have it for you.

Our arts & crafts





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